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Monday, December 28, 2015

A-yuppers, I decided to go with a new look for the new year.  What do you guys think?

Me, I'm still goin' with the same ol' same ol' for myself personally, heh, thank you.

You gotta please bear with me as I work out kinks.  And I'm sure there will be several.  I know zero code hootenanny stuff, am a total easy-peasy-right-brained Mac kid, so things are bound to be funky and/or annoying here and there.  If you find something awry, please do let me know or even let me know how to fix it!

So go on, click about, check it all out!  Whaddya think?!

Special thanks shout-out to my brother Jeff for his coding assistance!  He's the left-brainer of the two of us.  Mushed together we make one pretty solid brain, heh.  And thanks of course to Mike for putting up with my naggy "please go looks and tell me what you thinks," for being my previewer.

Ah, the beautiful city of Chicago on a beautiful summer's day from the Jupiter Ascending office rooftop.  Just a random photo for a photo-less post.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday week!

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