Another DIY Rug.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Aw man, the floor in our master bedroom closet is darn cold in the winter!  Or I should say when the temperatures dip.  Or um, generally all the time-ish.  But every time the temps dip I say to myself, self, get a darn rug or something in here.  Always forget.

Aw, aw, teaser photo!
My original plan was to use some leftover material I had of the sort like the NeoCon design I did.  The piece I had was on the small side but it seemed enough to cut and reassemble into something, anything, to keep the chill off my tender tootsies.

My own in-stock piece from some former project.
It's the EcoFi Tee Time indoor/outdoor stuff yet again or again, heh, yes I like the stuff, what can I say.  Yup.

So after not surfing the Pinterests and my boards and the cool saved ideas I have, I went at it, cutting squares and rectangles and making it up as I went along with a large needle and some cotton string.

Hey, uh yeah, that um looks, let's just see.
Needless to say, and oh what a shocker, it just was not working out for me.  Hmph.  I tried this,

Attempt one:  large loops connecting the pieces.
tried that,

Mmmm, what about zig zag stitches?  Mmmm, not today.
did this, that,

Or how about um, just diagonals?  Ugh....
the other thing.  Was not feelin' it.  Huff, puff, drop tools, walk away.

Shortly thereafter I was poking around at my second home (dangerous to just poke around I know, don't tell Mike I did that) when I spied a roll of the EcoFi Autobond chillin' over in the flooring remnants.  Excited I was as that's the stuff I'm hoping to maybe use as a runner of some sorts for our stair.

Ah the stair, ah, a project that feels like it will never get completed.....

Oh the ideas we're bandying about too -- rip out the risers and the drywall underneath, have it be open to the basement stair, somehow stain the beat up treads....that was our last chat, my "wanna hear my crazy dream stair idea?" momo.  Mike said, "I always like your crazy ideas best," then a sigh from each of us, end of discussion.  Left to dream.

Anywhoooo....we're here for the DIY rug, yes.

Right, so I saw that roll and asked a guy who said nope sorry, not a remnant (rats!!) but I bought a three foot by six foot chunk regardless.  Total?  Nine bucks.

This time I smartly perused the pins I stuck before cutting, rediscovered this idea and thought, hmmm, mmk, fun direction, let's do that.

So really all it was was the material, a sharp pair of scissors, some chalk to draw the pattern on the back, snippy snippy and bam, bingo, voila, DIY rug, no cold feeties.

Ok, I did stitch some of the remaining non-slip carpet pad onto the larger pieces to keep from slipping all banana cartoon-style.  Because I know it will happen.

In a more detailed fashion....

I brought the material upstairs, kinda tossed it down on the floor to get an idea of how large I could go, trimmed that piece off downstairs.

Tricky thing with our closet door, heh of course, is that it gets almost-stuck-ish on one part of the floor when I close it.  I have to lift the door to clear it.  Either the door is outta whack or the floor is extra weird in one spot.  *eye roll*  Either way, the rug has to avoid the door swing.

After trimming it down to size, I free-hand sketched a general idea using a piece of chalk, making sure to keep parts connected, touching, so it'd result in one mat after trimming.

Similar to the original.  But different.
Using a sharp heavy duty pair of scissors I then hacked away.

Removal process....Please ignore the dog fur.
I waited to cut out the little tiny circles until I got upstairs to make sure they were something I wanted. And lo, they were, hence out came little tiny circles.

After everything was cut, I lopped off some of the non-slip pad and being careful not to stitch all the way through the front of the material, tacked it onto the backside with a needle and thread.

Gettin' some a' that non-slip on there.
Hey, it's not the most slip-free rug in the world but it moves less than no non-slip.  I'm not running a marathon in the closet.

Hey!  New rug!
But finally!  Now my feeties won't get all chilly on the bare wood floor!  Yay, happy feeties!

Welp, we didn't attack the first floor bath over the Christmas free time Mike had.  Ah well.  It seemed an ambitious plan.  Must.Come.Up.With.Project.To.Do.  In the mean time, I have a whiny four legged beast crying at me; he's mad at the sleet splattering down outside, ruining his chances for a park trip.

Off to appease the pooch with playtime!


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