The Big Three...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

....are rollin', rollin', rolling along.  Wish I could say I was Super Magician Woman and all three projects were done but alas my dear friends, they are not.

Getting close on the headboard though.  Or hm, ok, I have three steps left.  That's not bad, right?  Although I bet when I type up the post about the whole process, it'll read like two steps bam done in no time flat.  It is a time intensive scheme, but that's all right.  I want this to turn out well since I'll be seeing it and touching it and sleeping next to it and right, seeing it every every day.

Here's why I needed to run back to Menards yet again.

Sad-face wood.
I smooshed some of the new stain I splurged on, Watco Danish Oil in Black Walnut* into one of the pieces and I realized, oh.  Hm.  All righty.  Yeah, not a-workin' there.  Need large quantity of sand paper and wood conditioner pre-stain whoo-ha stuff.

Both items made a world of difference too, the latter of which I had never used before.

Now all that's left is assembly, a dash of polyurethane spray, hang on wall, then big tell-all to you.  I'll need my favoritest-est assistant Mike to help me out with the hanging up part.  (xo babe, love ya!  I'll make you a yummy dessert.)

Project Stair is, well, inching.  Everything I need is here.  Well, I shouldn't say that.  Not everything quite yet but   ...ok.  See, the house is kinda a bit fume-y from the wood conditioner and the Danish Oil still, making for a loopy brain, so bear with me.

Heh.  Phew.  *hands flailing about*

I worked on the top steps a smidge today.  Used almost an entire tube of caulk on just. two. steps.  Uh huh.  Sigh.  I suppose I ought to keep an eye out for a paintable caulk fire sale and stock the heck up at this rate.

Where the risers and treads meet, slurp, it's mostly in Gapsville there.  Got a few more staples out, banged in some sticky outie nail heads, used the caulk to patch some large nail head holes.  Advancement here is mucho slow, and as you can tell, I ain't rushin'.  Pulling this carpet is a pain in my rear end.  At least it's not as bad as the pantry though.  Small miracles.

But.  It's gotta come out if I'm going to make them stairs cool.  Where are those darn mystical work elves when you need them?!

Mike came home to this the other night:

I heard him start up the stairs, then stop.  "Oh.  That'sinteresting," he said.  It's as one word, yes.  In a mildly understatedly disturbed tone.  Then thump thump thump, up he went.  Later I asked, "well, hmmm, all right, do you want to see what it's going to be then?" and he did say, and I hope not in a facetious way as it did sound sincere, that he likes coming home to surprises.

It's always early-to-mid-project-without-knowing-the-end-result where I get confused statements, so it's fine, totally understandable.  I hope.  He trusts me.  I hope.  Heh.  He should -- this is going to be rock star cool.

By the way, in case you're wondering how I "erased" all the paint lines on the wall from the stripes:

This rotary tool attachment, a flapwheel.*  What a bizarre name, flapwheel.  (Dude, I think I need to go outside and get some air.)  (Why would it suddenly seem more fume-y in here six hours later?!)  (oy.)

Ok, I opened a window.  Nobody panic.  Sheesh, use this stuff in warmer months when windows can be open, hooooey.  Stinky.

Wear googles when you use that gizmo on your rotary tool, fyi.  Worked like a charm though do be careful to not gouge the wall as ahem, it's pretty easy to do.  Not that I'd know.  Ahem.

Waiting to hear from that guy about our roofer visit.  No word yet but it's not too surprising since this week's sleety snowy super cold weather isn't exactly ideal for checking out a flat roof two stories up.  If I don't hear from the guy, I'll call him Thursday since next week is supposed to be thoroughly splendiferous around here.  Mid-40's, yeah!  Shorts weather!

Well anyway.  Sorry for the lack of any real newsworthy substance around here.

This spiff-a-riffic item came across one of my news readers over the weekend, the Leatherman Tread Bracelet.  Holy crap.  Cool, right?  I totally want one.  Except, it's for men.  Only.  Not fair.  Not fair at all.  I sure hope to all get out they don't exclude us ladies.  It's a pricey item according to pre-sale pricing I see on the web so I best start saving now.  That is if they're smart and make a women's size.

Open window helping but now I'm chilly.  Heh, it's a no-win!

*The Watco Danish Oil and rotary flapwheel are Amazon affiliate links.  Mwah, thanks!


  1. That wall shot is SUCH a tease...and looks so funky-cool. I can't wait to see what you're plotting. Do that NEXT. Pretty please? totally need one of those bracelets. Über-cool.

    1. You're so awesome! It was a terrible tease, you're totally right, I'm sorry! That was mean indeed. I am working on the wall but dry time is slowing my roll. Getting there though! And I will be stalking that bracelet for sure.


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