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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The verdict is in.

The funky paint job in the foyer/stair area......

OMG you guys!!  OMG!

In typical Mike fashion, he let me know at a most out of the blue moment, subtly, and in his surprise attack low-key-ain't-no-big-deal way when he knows it's kind of a big deal.  He likes to lie in wait, wait for me to be utterly unsuspecting then pounce with announcements.

Talent.  The guy's got talent.

And one day I'll finally learn to expect the unexpected from him.

Scene:  finishing dinner the other night

B:  "(some whatever dribble words related to what we were talking about)"

pause pause pause, then as we're getting up...

M:  "mmph mmph mmmph wall paint mmph mmph."

Yes, he kinda muttered and mumbled which is why I asked him, "what?"

M:  "mmmmph mmph mmphh wall paint," gesturing his head over towards the foyer area.

Ok, again he kinda mumbled and honestly I didn't understand what he was saying.

B:  "What?"

M:  "You heard me.  You can keep the paint.  It's grown on me."

What what WHAT?!?!  Oh my gosh.  I stared at him all wide-eyed.  The left corner of his mouth kinda curled into a smirk.  And that's how things go around here.  Heh.

B:  "What?  You're sure?  You're positive?  You're not just saying that?"

M:  "I'm sure and I'm not just saying that."

So yay!  Good news!  Keeping the paint!  Whew....Yay!!  Now I'll do the necessary touch up's and keep moving ahead.  We need to pick a paint color for the rest of the walls, Mike would like the stairs to be just plain white with no fancy pants paint treatment, we're thinking a colorful striped runner if I can find an affordable one.

To be perfectly honest, I tried doing that faux wood grain on the first step which I painstakingly cleared of carpet and four trillion staples, caulked and painted semi-gloss white.  I didn't have the picture in front of me (excuse) and it uh, I didn't do such a hot job of it.  Ah well.  This is how we learn.

So that's where that's at!  And no lie, what a relief.  Forward!

Got the sides stripped on the sweet old dresser and ah!  Scratches.

Lots of 'em.  They aren't too terrible but they would not make an antique dealer eager, let's just say that.  I don't mind them.  I emptied the dresser of draws and dragged it down to the hall bathroom for the stripping in case you're wondering.

Oh, heh, here's my mom's response to my questions of what price she paid (I somehow remember $15 or $20) and how bad off it was when she got it:  "Dresser?  What dresser?"  In other words, she forgot.  Heh, that's ok.  The mysteries continue is all.  :)

This is post light sanding, post Restor-a-Finish so it's good to go. 
The stripper, the Zinsser Strip Fast, yeah, not good for vertical surfaces, fyi.  Blooop, runs right down the side but it does sort of gel up thicker a tad as it sits.  A tad.  And while it does a decent job, it's the same as any other regular stripper I've used in the past, nothing special.

Here's Hailey's chewed up corner.  Looks absolutely perfect to me.
Anyway, so yeah, some scratches on the sides but that's quite all right.  I'm not intending to ever sell it.

Looking pretty sharp, eh?  Well, if you ignore all the uh roughed up not quite finished parts.

Almost finished dresser!
I need to pick up that wax still and get a small thing of black paint.  I had planned on using the flat black I have and mixing in some gloss medium but rats, appears I'm outta gloss medium.  So much for that plan.

Of course, as per usual, my handy dandy Trusty Furry Assistant Finn was nearby and working his assigned task at peak performance as you can see above.  Poor guy slipped in that first snow last week while bounding around amok like a maniac and boo boo'ed his right front leg.  He's been all gimpy limping and we're trying hard to keep him resting.  That, my friends, is a tough one for an almost about two year old with lots of energy.  He's so frustrated, poor guy.  He yells at us because he's so frustrated.  Seriously.  Heh, it's kinda cute and sad at the same time.

I admit, I had a flashback freak out a bit as Hailey slipped in the snow a year ago January, started limping and everything went downhill from there.

I'm sure Finn is fine.  He seems much better today.

Well all righty!  I'll keep you posted on the dresser.  And the goings-on with the stair too.

In the mean time, I reopened my old Etsy shop and listed that spiffy pallet wood clock.  I'm hoping to make more in various fantastic variations.  I also added a new feature there too, Ask Humboldt Art Dept.!  If you're in need of assistance choosing paint colors, I'm happy to help you!  With years and years of paint and color theory behind me, you're in good hands.  Check out the links on the right side of the page or click that "my old Etsy shop" link above and let's get to painting!  Thanks!!  Mwah!

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