Foyer/Stair Paint Phase 1 is Don.....eeeerrrtttttt

Thursday, March 12, 2015

So there it is.  The artsy part of the painting in the foyer/stair area is complete sans some touch-up's, formerly the stripes, and I was pretty excited about it.  I thought it looked really cool.  Like super cool, very different and interesting.

Mike came home Tuesday night, thump thump ka-thumpy fun time dash upstairs with Finny boy to put on some comfy clothes then thump thump thum...."Oh -- Errr."

Pardon the yet again bad photo.  
Huh, that was a reaction I've never heard before.  It didn't sound good.  My heart skipped, my tummy fluttered.  Hm....

Scene:  later that evening

(This is going to read worse than it was -- it wasn't mean or harsh or anything at all.)

B: "So?  Dare I ask?" I said waving my hand all weather person like at the wall.

M:  emits a strange chuckle, a side glance.  "You want me to be honest, right?"

"Uh, yeah, of course."

"I don't like it."

"Oh. Um. Oh. You don't?" as I glance sadly, enrapturedly at the wall.

"You don't want me to lie, right?"

"No, it's your house too, you should tell me."

"No.  It', I don't.  It's too much like your mood."


"It's dark and gloomy looking.  It looks like a dorm or I'm waiting for something to come popping out of the wall."

"Oh.  I didn't see it as moody."  I didn't realize I was dark and gloomy.  I'm sure he didn't mean it like that.  I mean, most days I don't feel all that wonderful and I'm not necessarily an exceptionally gung-ho skippy chipper human in general overall per se, but I didn't think I was dragging around all morose.  I thought I had the sad feelings well contained.  Maybe I'm struggling more than I thought, more than I realize?  But I didn't think I was that bad off.

"It's looking like an art installation."

"Well that's kinda what I was going for, part of the plan.  Here...."  I get up and grab the image I printed out as my guide.

I saw this image (the second one down) by Danish artist Malene Landgreen and I about fell out of my chair.  Soooooooo cool.  Omg.  All of her stuff is so ridiculously neat.  Insanely happy visual eye candy at its best for me.

Mike stares at the image for a bit, tilts his head back and forth.  Feeling bad, I think he was hoping he could convince himself to like it.  "Oh.  Yeah.  I dunno, babe.  I just don't like it.  I like color.  Blues, greens, yellows...color.  I'm not a fan of grays, blacks.  You like darker colors but me, I like brighter."

I too like bright colors, lots of them I tried to say, the words never ekeing out of my mouth.

B:  "Ok, well, then let me explain the rest of the plan I had in my head, maybe it'll make sense.  (Hopefully??)  I was going to paint the steps like this and don't panic just look (another installation by Malene), but don't panic, in the light gray only.  Then run a black carpet runner up the center."

M:  head shaking.  Head shaking.  "No, babe." .....  pause, pause.  "Maybe you should work on something else for a few days."

I could tell he was worried he was hurting my feelings but he wasn't.  Somehow in the last few years or so, not sure how considering I'm a sensitive gal, I've been able to separate my design choices from my feelings.  I used to feel hurt if someone didn't like a design choice I made but somehow I've finally gotten to the point where I truly "get" that design, and creativity in general, is completely subjective, nothing personal. It's not a criticism of me, nor my abilities, nor a poop on my feelings, it's a matter of personal preference.  Not everything I do will make everyone happy all of the time.  And so it is.  Shrug.  It's a-ok.

So I said, "all right, huh.  Well.  I saw this by her too which I thought was totally amazing."

M:  "Now see, that I really like."

"Wait. What?  I figured you'd hate that. That's why I didn't go that route."

"No babe, that is awesome."

Heh.  Whaddya know.  I thought he'd like the grays more.  Ten years together, I thought I knew his taste better.  That's the thing with taste and design preferences too, they're ever-evolving.  Ah well!  Heh. 

So that launched us into big discussion about how to recreate the colorful one up the stairs.  I think we figured it out, so, time to start erasing lines again. At least I get a Menards trip out of it for another flapwheel, more tape, more paint. 

But.  Now I'm back to not knowing what to do with the steps. I mentioned the paper bag floor idea, showed it to Mike, he kinda had no response either way, I kinda was hoping to come up with something else, something new, something different.  I showed him some other ideas I pondered, he "ehhh"'ed....back to the drawing board.  Hm. 

Well all righty.  I admit, I'm a wee sad, a little disappointed.  But, again, so it is.  Mike doesn't like it so I get a pass to change the wall again. 

Then I had a series of bad dreams Tuesday night, not related to our conversation, then I hear or think I hear water pouring into the room or is Finn tinkling and I shoot awake at the crack of before dawn.  Then I can't get back to sleep because my brain is a-whirl plus I'm anxious about waking up for the roofer guy visit at 8:30 am.  Not a morning person, not an early riser I am, never will be, try as many have to convert me.  

The roofer visit...interesting adventure, oh just you wait for that story, whooo boy!

But, so, either way I'll write up a post explaining how I created this paint finish, don't worry.  The Paint Job That Was Not.

Mike did say yesterday to leave it up for a few days, just in case, just to see, so, we'll see.  I'm not getting the sense that he'll suddenly like it though.

It's a bummer but I will overcome. The wall, the stair, all of it will be great.  In the mean time, I'll find something else to do.  So, heh, hang in there!

See how I painted this by clicking here!


  1. I LOVE it...especially how it wraps itself up into the stairwell and onto the facing wall as you come down. So cool! But it could also work in color, right? Those funky geometrics would look great in many colorful variations. I love how bold it is...a mark of your style of design, which I love.

    1. Thank you Jenny! I was just thinking that this morning actually, that it would work in colors as well. I'll swing that past Mike but I think he's sold on the other idea now. Sigh, I love it too! :) Thank you! xoxo


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