Workbench! Basement! Reuse! Nummy Recipe!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I feel like a broken record....Workbench.  Basement.  Recipe.  All good things though, yeah? Unless I'm boring you to tears with the workbench.  Then yeesch, sorry!

Here's talk of other projects first:

On the docket, hovering top o' list now is a reemerging entry, the main stair project.  Uh huh, I am wiggly with anticipation for that one.  I asked Mike if he wanted to take a gander at my plan and he said nope, just go ahead and do it.  Whaaaa?  Actually, I think he was worried that if he nixed it, I'd be crushed since I'm plainly super into this idea.  So yes, yes yes yes, stairs will be a-happenin'!  Right after headboard.

Mike's definitely got spring on the brain and is fired up to install a deck in the backyard off the garage.  Yeah, I know, we just put in the patio last year but that didn't appease his deck desires.  Despite the lofty seven degree temperature outside yesterday, I did some measuring and I'll do some drawing so we can get an idea of what we're looking at.  Have to make sure there's enough gi-ganto Finny run around space too.

But yeah, did yet more work on the whole workbench set up operation and it's coming along.  It's a visual cacophony at the moment, making me tweaky, so more straightening and tidying will happen.

More tools have gone up.  More this, more that.  Taking form, taking shape, evolving and re-evolving.  Will keep on evolving.  Mike said the other day he's excited that we have this workbench.  Yesss.

finished workbench set up

A funky addition....Eons ago my brother gave me a CD rack from Ikea which I've held onto.  CD's, yah, no one knows what those are anymore, right?  But I didn't have the heart to let go of the rack because I'm a sentimental mush pile.

I sank a couple a' screws in the wall and hung the rack sideways, creating a sort of shelving unit.

another view of the workbench area

And it works!  I'm thinking I'll paint that spiffy 2x2 black to match.  The wall needs repainting too.  Oy, like the entire basement needs repainting too.

view straight on of basement workbench area

But hey, great way to reuse something and give it a second life.

Hanging that rack gave me a spot to snap on a clip light too which made me punchy.  A light!  How helpful!  I know, you're rolling your eyes.

using Ikea cd rack and 2x2 to store items on wall

I then took a pause from the workbench area to work on the basement area in general more, again.  And whooie, it is in much better shape now, if I do say so myself.

the mess opposite the workbench

More shelves cleared then refilled and reorganized.  More former bed parts moved into the mini-closet with the bi-fold door that opens in because it can't open out like a normal closet door because there's a ceiling soffit because HVAC ducts.  See three photos above.  Because smart people did this flip.  A-yup.

So more floor area opened up, yay.  Then I got a bug in my butt and found a way to clear away the metal shelving unit along the perpendicular wall, the wall that's still yicky multi-"red" below.

lots of items stored in basement

A few steps closer to the goal Ikea panel curtain system to hide the storage and make the basement presentable and give us options on making it an actual useful space!  Pew, blew my mind there -- a useful basement?!?!  No way!

So yeah, it is definitely a long process.  The basement is taking shape, the light at the end of the tunnel is sparkling, my head is feeling lighter and clearer knowing the basement is coming to order.  Stuff like this weighs on me -- knowing there's a huge disorganized destructo-zone anywhere in the house clogs up my brain function.  Like I said, I'm weird.

Heh.  :)

I'm nearly at a stopping point though as I'll next need Mike's assistance.  Hailey's stuff.  We had a stammering discussion about her belongings a bit ago.  I doubt I can do what we'd like to do on my own without becoming a blithering pile of tears.  I'll end up that way regardless for sure, but at least Mike will be there to help, hug, and take charge when necessary.

I had to go back through all my posts yesterday to fix something, which hey, right, forgot!  Happy belated one year blog anniversary to me!  Wow.  Nutty.  Especially for someone who never wanted to blog.  But right, had to go through all my past posts which led to surprised amazement seeing how much has changed in a year and then see how much has changed in a year.

Well anyway.  Sigh.

Back to Menards to get a different stain for the headboard though.  I picked something up and way dislike it.  Too flat, too lodge-y looking in the wrong way, too red toned.  Sad face.  I had taken my time too, trying to be all budget-minded, make the right choice the first time but alas, nope.  So it is.  Once I get that, the project should roll quick and I can get onto the stair which will be a biggie.

In case you need a good, easy, relatively quick-ish dinner recipe I've got a winner for ya.  This here is one of Mike's favorites, Chicken and Vegetable Hand Pies.  Like a pot pie but encased in crust and a hip name.  He gets all googlie excited when I make it.  I use pre-made puff pastry from the freezer section and waaayyy less flour.  It's adaptable too so you can toss in your faves, leftover turkey instead maybe, make additions, ya know.  So that's what's for dinner.  Nummy nummy nummy.

Ok, busy busy busy day ahead, gotta get up and outta here.  And hey, if you're in Chicago, get out and vote!  Do it!  On my way now!


  1. Happy blog anniversary Becky!
    I hope to still be clicking along when mine arrives!

    1. Thank you Cory! I'm sure you'll get there and I'll be happy to wish you your first when the time comes!


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