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Thursday, February 12, 2015


I'm sick.  

One thing I can use "hate" for:  being sick.  Not only because feeling like poop sucks but also for the wasted down time it forces me into.  So frustrating.

Mike, yeah, it's his fault.  I still love him of course.  He picked up a bug somewhere somehow out of nowhere and despite my concerted efforts in creating a usually successful impenetrable zinc shield, it nailed me too.  Sigh.

Poor Finny -- high energy puppy and Mommy is sick.  And it's quite chilly out?  Boo.  Confluence of no fun for him.  Thankfully he's napping peacefully at my feet on the couch.  For now.  That will change.  As I stare at the kitchen that makes me nuts, shaking my fist in the air at the germ lords.

This all extra special sucks because yesterday I picked up plywood at Home Depot for our headboard (since they cut it to size straightly there for me, unlike what I would do not having the proper tools) and lumber for both the headboard and the workbench at Menards.

I felt that horrible creeping pending sickness feeling after collecting my 2 'bys; you know the one where you're like oh crap, it's trying, it's coming, oh no I feel the yuckies taking over, oh dear me, noooooo!!

So that made packing up the two door Rabbit and unloading it a smidge harder.  (It is astonishing what I can fit in that awesome little car.  Pardon the trunk mess below.  Yes, pine needles still from Christmas tree, I know.  Embarrassed.)

Probably hardly seems a feat but it was.  Everything a girl needs:  milk, joint compound, and lumber.
Sometimes it seems loading and unloading stuff for a project is more expensive energy-wise than the project itself even without feeling the beginnings of yuck, unless that's just me getting even older as of last week.

I knew the upcoming weather was forecast to be super cold after yesterday and as I was working hard to convince myself that I was not going to get sick, that I can start stuff tomorrow, I managed to get everything I needed indoors despite my pounding head, worn out-ness, and our ice rink of a yard.

But yeah, I totally had plans to get that workbench built today.  Maybe start the headboard and/or continue with the ongoing, never-ending basement battle while on indoor lockdown due to the frosty weather.  

Sigh.  Mike feels terrible too.  :(  Always breaks my heart when I see him feel bad.

I guess this gives me time to share some links since all I have to offer today is a stuffy face.  Some may be repeats but I find I like to reread certain stuff:

In case you missed it, our bathroom vanity over in Small Spaces on here.  So flattered!

Worth a reread is about taking bigger design risks and being bolder.  Do it.  You'll feel so good, trust me.  Read it here.  Also another reread-able, how to "undecorate," damning the torpedoes and doing what you love.

Incorporating dark walls in your decor.  Yes.  A definite do.  Much like our library.  Love dark walls.  Try it.  Be bold (see previous paragraph)!

This article cracked me up because I'm guilty of several of these "design don'ts" that turn off home buyers.  Which is more hilarious to me because this article here says wallpaper is back in.  Honestly, I don't know why it ever went out -- wallpaper is wonderful in its ability to provide color, texture, pattern, and even shine where just a plain painted wall cannot.

Five gardening apps to check out, which I have yet to check out but intend to check out one or more.  In a similar vein, how to get rid of ants in your yard naturally using diatomaceous earth which also eliminates ticks -- a handy tip for all you fellow dog owners.  Cool uses for concrete in the garden here and also some spiffy DIY concrete planters here.

Lastly one I'm surprised no one has sent to me:  warning signs your house is too bold.  Although, wait, it doesn't really apply to me because actually the article is mostly about having too many things, too much stuff.  So, all right, never mind.  Besides, pffft, be bold dammit.  Ok, let me find a better lastly one....

Ah!  Inside the Box.  About how creativity is supposedly so desired yet is always the first thing squashed.  Pretty unfortunate really.  Seems to me there can never be enough creativity.

Well ok.  Hope to be back up and going super fast!  xo


  1. Poor thing, sorry you and Mike are under the weather. That sucks. So far I have managed to avoid getting sick despite every single co-worker around me being sick as well as family. I hope you are both feeling better soon.

    I loved the links you shared, especially the gardening related ones. I'm so ready for spring so I can start on my new backyard!


    1. Thanks Tania! It does suck being sick but we'll get through it. I too managed to not get sick while everyone around me did but I guess my system decided to give in this time. Yes, spring and outside and garden -- I too am ready! Thanks!


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