Portable Plantings: Another Spiffy Hometalk Clipboard

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Those Hometalk folks, they are all about awesome.

Got another invitation to curate a clipboard for them, this time based on my Nearly Free DIY Planter Pouches.  Isn't that cool?  I'm so flattered again!  I like them, those Hometalk folks!

Have you been over there yet, to Hometalk?  Like I mentioned last time, they are an excellent resource for everything home related.  I mean, the topic listings alone are dumbfounding.  So if you click here, that's the link to the clipboard.  If you click here, a link to my profile on their site.

But oh spring, come on!  Hurry up and get here!  Time for some warmer temps, green instead of white, let's get to planting!

It was fortuitous timing when they contacted me as I've been contemplating containers and window boxes recently.  Despite all we've done out front, going from barren dirt patch to plants and grass, the facade of the house is still a smidge plain and I'd love to disguise the un-level concrete "walk" that butts up against it.  I've kept trying to make a mental note to seek some ideas out.

The goal of this schmancy clipboard was to collect some ideas that showcased ways of planting in things that are portable, flexible, gives folks options other than planting in the ground -- especially for folks who may not have an in-ground option.  Even if you do, planters and container gardening bring another level, quite literally, to spreading green and color about your home indoors and out.

The Portable Plantings graphic they made for me.  Neat, yeah?

Planters and containers (are they one and the same thing?  Am I being redundant?) by themselves provide visual interest, height, texture, even color, pattern and shine, enhancing their surroundings and the goodies growing in them.  What's great too is every year you're not beholden to the same plantings nor containers in the same spots -- you can vary it up should you so desire.  Or not.  Options good.

Some of the things I clipped to this board may not necessarily be my style nor taste but within each is an idea, a springboard, a motivator to get you outside in the dirt and/or creating something, hopefully an "ah ha" moment that boinks you in the head and gets you rolling.

While you're over there, take a stroll around, see what else you find that gets those creative juices flowing.

By the way, those cutie planter pouches are surviving the winter in tip top shape.  Sweet!

*Hometalk did not pay me nor compensate me in any way for this post or clipboard, it ain't one a them there sponsored posts, nor do they sponsor me in any way.  What they did supply me with:  copious compliments.  And I just like them.  :)

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