Cedar Flower Mobile.

Saturday, February 3, 2024

close up of cedar flower mobile
Aw now isn't this just the darn cutest thing, this Cedar Flower Mobile?!  All in less than 30 minutes!

Here's the trouble I run into sometimes....

I'll not know the correct name for something or dive into a broad search for something on Menards' website and end up unearthing things I didn't know existed that sends my brain off into "let's make a thing" land.

Exactly what happened here.  

Honestly, I don't remember what I was searching for but rolled across these little cedar flowers one day and thought bam!, let's make a cedar flower mobile for our master closet.  Because...why not?!

closet spot before
Before.  So lonely.
Yeah I dunno, it just hits and I lose control and hurriedly scramble to the store and buy the thing.  I do try to keep control of that impulse as it would get awfully expensive fast!

But, this package of cedar flowers, it was only eight bucks, I couldn't resist.  And there were eighteen of 'em in a package!  And I absolutely love love love the smell of cedar.

No worries, get 'em on Amazon* too if you're not in MenardsLand.

Aren't they totes adorable though?!  Yeah, you can see why I couldn't shut that urge down.

This project ran through some iterations before I landed on its final design, first starting with one of those wood bead rings/wreaths* from the ol' Dollar Tree because, damn, those are nifty too.  Use 'em as is, trim 'em down, or yank all the beads off for something else, it's a steal.

supplies for cedar flower mobile
You'll see the wood bead ring a bit but I didn't go with it so bear with me on the process photos.
Oh, found the velvet-covered thumbtacks at the Dollar Tree as well so I suppose this partly counts as Dollar Store DIY Decor.  Saw them and again, lost control, bought several packages with no future project in mind.

Stay out of stores is my advice!  hahaaa....

Ultimately, here's what I ended up using:
Really no-frills ingredient list, eh?

Why'd I skip the wood bead ring?  Well.  It just wasn't working for me.  It was cool and all but I was knotting the suede lace on there and it got to be bleh, too much.  Maybe had I stained the beads, I dunno, it would've been better?

But you do you, pick the hanging device that works for you.  I'm merely here to provide fun inspiration.

What worked for me with the embroidery hoop?  That I could squish the suede lace between the rings for a cleaner look.

The velvet thumbtacks, push pins, whatever?  If you can't find them at your local Dollar Tree, you can find some funky ones on Etsy.*  Or, use whatever you'd like as the center of the flowers, don't let me deter you. 

Right, let's make this Cedar Flower Mobile!

Real real real easy.

With the world's tiniest drill bit,* I tapped* tiny small holes in the edges of the cedar flowers.  Don't go too deep in case your tiniest drill bit is still too fat for your eye hooks.  As I did.

adding eye hooks to cedar flowers
Twist the itty bitty teeny weeny eye hook into the tiny hole nice and tight.

Next, grab the hot glue and glue the pom poms or the thumbtacks or whatever you're using over the cedar flower holes.  The only trick here is keeping the hot glue tidy and unseen so use a minimal amount.

prepping tacks and pom poms
With those stuck on, time to address the embroidery hoop.  Now.  You can leave it as-is.  Stain it.  Paint it.  Whatev's.  Up to you.  I slapped on a quick brushing of white paint to knock down the blond wood color.

Trim some of that suede lace...odd name, more like suede string...in various lengths to hang your cedar flowers from.  It helps to sort of eyeball it first then trim so you're not wasting material.

threading suede lace through eye hook
Damn blurry camera sometimes...Tip:  cut the suede on an angle as it's easier to get into the teeny hole.
Pull the suede through the itty eye hook holes and tie wee knots.  Cut two extra pieces of the suede stuff which will be your means of hanging or as I did, use clear thread.

Grab the hoop and it's Cedar Flower Mobile assembly time.

laying out cedar flowers on suede lace for mobile
Laying out the mobile here.
Merely push the suede lace string stuff through between the hoops from one direction, eh, top down is simpler, then making an X with the two extra pieces you cut, tuck them in too.  Or, if you're hanging using the clear thread, tie them on later.

Heh, old eyes, messing about with clear thread was a fun challenge even with readers!
pushing suede lace between embroidery hoops
Tighten the screw on the hoop and tada!  Whooie, you've got yourself a Cedar Flower Mobile!

cedar flower mobile hanging in closet
Ain't it just so sweet?!  Adorbs.

cedar flower mobile
Hang it however you like.  I used a little cup hook* and aww, it's just, awww, so cute!  Hopefully I'll catch a whiff of cedar allure in here but if not, at least I'll smile on the daily looking at it.

cedar flower mobile
Finn update:  All has been fine, he's doing ok.  He's on a new, different chemo now and he's handling it generally well, well, aside from the special rear-end side effects.  Every day is different for him, some up, some not up.  Our biggest struggle is his calcium level getting too high but he's playing, being cute, stubborn, snuggly, and the sweet kissie boy that he is.

*The cedar flowers, eye hooks, and hot glue are Amazon affiliate links.  The wood bead rings/wreaths and velvet thumbtacks are Dollar Tree affiliate links.  The other thumbtacks are an Etsy affiliate link.  The embroidery hoops and clear thread are Michaels affiliate links.   The suede lace and pom poms are Joann Fabrics affiliate links.  The drill bits and cordless drills are Home Depot affiliate links.  Cup hooks, those are a Lowes affiliate link.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.


  1. This is the most original easy project I’ve probably heard of! I want this almost as much as I want a walk in closet! But it’s got me thinking, Becky, thanks!!

    1. Oh my gosh, this is the most fabulous compliment and you've made my day! Thank you very much! So thrilled I've got you thinking and I hope your project turns out fabulous!

  2. These are really cute. I may have to find a place for them. Glad to hear about Finn.

    1. Oh Tina, thank you so very much! I hope you do find a spot! Thank you on Finn, too!


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