The Laundry Room Makeover: Another Oversized Pegboard.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

close up of vinyl wrapped oversized pegboard
As I'm about to get out of order with the chain of events here just to confuse you, don't worry, I'll backtrack.  In the meantime, we're skipping ahead onto another oversized pegboard in the future present!

And who says time travel isn't possible...

One day I received an email from a very nice person named Vanja from a company called Supernice.  And I mean, right away, Supernice?  Nice.

I was invited to try out their product which is a vinyl wrap, similar in concept to peel and stick wallpaper but better.  So flattered at the invitation!

So note, while I received this cool stuff for free, I was not paid, this isn't a sponsored post, and these opinions are mine all mine.  Mmk?  Mmk.

Upon pondering alllll the things this cool stuff could be stuck to, it was hard to stop myself but after realizing what I had installed in the laundry room over the revamped utility tub sink wasn't working for me (I'll backtrack), I figured a giant oversized pegboard using this vinyl would, *head nod* thumbs up.

As you recall, I made an oversized pegboard for wine storage which has been aaawweeesome.  

See I concluded, the vinyl, water will bead right offa' it.  So when I hang my freshly washed paintbrushes, etc. up on it, I won't have to worry about the wet.  Neato, right?

The hard part was picking the pattern.  Haha, of course!  The patterns are pre-designed and more are pipelined.  And oh man, since my early perusals of the site, there are a bunch more patterns!  Arg, I want to wrap everything!

By the way, what's extra special cool is you can print out a sample on your very own printer to scale.  Who does that?!  I wish more people did as it's fantastically helpful.  So you know right away if the size of the pattern is right for you.  Wow, right?!

printed sample at full scale
Here's my sample print.
Take a look at the patterns, you'll be hard-pressed to pick just one.  (They've since switched gears and moved away from these cool papers, FYI.)

I went with Botanical Beau and in short order, a big cardboard tube arrived ready for sticky fun.  Life, my stupid back, work, stuff, Mike's family.....I just could not get to this project and felt like an ungrateful louse.  Therefore it had plenty of time to rest and unfurl on a flat surface before use.

Such nice vinyl, holy cow, I was immensely impressed with the quality.  After having worked the frustrating peel and stick wimpy plastic sheeting in Mike's office, man, this stuff was a total dream.

As such too though, I wanted to put it through its paces a bit, see what the vinyl's limits were so I designed a weirdo pegboard.  And it is a little weird but bear with me.

So very key here is a smooth surface to apply this vinyl to.  That may mean some prep work to your particular surface FYI, but in my case, I picked up a 2'x4' sheet of like an MDF pressboard panel, smooth as silk surface.

panel board and dowel supplies
I coulda easily stopped at a flat 2'x4' shape but decided to get jiggy with it.  

First I cut an eighteen inch-ish long piece then a three inch wide piece and made a mini-shelf.  Heh.  So that juts the remaining bottom panel out by three and a half inches.  From the face side, I pilot drilled and countersank* some screws into scraps of 2x4 wood as supports in the back.

Next I took my palm router* and cut a circle near the bottom, about five inches in diameter or so.  

cutting a circle with a palm router
I have to tell you, I have had the beginnings of a "how to cut a circle with a palm router" post sitting in my drafts for years now.  Sorry.  I'll get to that so the above makes sense.  If you don't have a palm router, no problem at all -- a jigsaw* works just as easily.

Why am I doing all this?  Because I am very weird.

Ok, now it was vinyl go time!

There's a whole section on the site on how to apply, so you're not in the dark here.  One a' these days I'll do a straight up "how to apply wallpaper" or "how to apply _____" thing post, I know, I am remiss though uh, internet.

But really, it's as easy as laying the vinyl out, peeling the backing off a hair, aligning it, then press, smooth, and keep peeling and smoothing.

This stuff sticks.  It's not so sticky that you can't get it back up if you goof to realign, but it doesn't mess about with sticking.  It stays.  Color me delighted!

With the wallpaper smoother I had from the Photowall mural, I pushed the vinyl into and over corners handily though I'd advise using a plastic smoother.  While the surface, print, and color were not marred, I could see faint lines like dull eraser smudges.  So, metal bad.

This vinyl is really pretty fantastic and it has, yeah, endless uses.  Endless.  Really incredible product and so fun to play with.

trimming edges with sharp knife
Trim any overhanging edges with a sharp utility knife.*
From here, I thought hey let's have yet more fun and with an Xacto knife,* cut out parts of the pattern here and there.  With my jigsaw and some ssnaaaaaazzzy new reverse cut blades* (omg I am an absolute Diablo* fangirl now, wowza), cut them out of the panel.  

Use a large drill bit* or paddle bit* to create a starter hole, drop the jigsaw blade in, power up, then slowly and carefully twist around.  Bzzzzz, voila, cutout!

A little white acrylic paint* on the edges and it was pegs into oversized pegboard time.

painting edges with white acrylic paint

Based on what I typically leave hanging by the sink in the laundry room, I planned for those items plus extra.  Pretty much laid out various sized pegs willy nilly, honestly.  

And I had zero issues drilling through the vinyl.  No catching, no binding, no twisting, no shredding.

Picked up a dollar store wire basket too, snipped off one side with wire snips,* and cut some dowels* to size based on its depth and the thickness of the panel.  On the band saw,* I buzzed out small channels for the basket rim to sit in, pounded the dowels in, and with a U-shaped nail,* tacked the bottom of the basket to the panel.

wire basket hanging from pegboard pegs

After that, some keyhole brackets on the back (I used a drill bit to dig out the panel a bit for the screw heads to sit within), and it was time to hang.  Woot!

Somehow I found some wall studs and a bunch of painful math later, it was up!  

finished oversized vinyl wrapped pegboard
Buy that clock here!
Tada!  Vinyl wrapped oversized pegboard!

My friends, I gotta say, it's marvelous working with a quality material.  It simply makes your life infinitely easier.  It's, heh, a joy and such a treat!

close up of oversized vinyl wrapped pegboard

Am I happy with the Supernice product?  Aabbsolutely.  Should you buy it?  No question.  Pop on over to Supernice now in fact!

Am I happy with the oversized pegboard itself, separate from the vinyl?  Eh, haha ha ha ha, it is weird!  But it does do its job and does it competently. 

Thanks, Supernice!  Blowing you air kisses!

*The drill bits, paddle bits, dowel, and band saws are Home Depot affiliate links.  The countersink bits, palm routers, jigsaws, utility knives, craft knives, Diablo blades, wire snips, and u-shaped nails are Amazon affiliate links.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.


  1. WOW! That vinyl and your pegboard are the bomb!

    1. Oh thank you so much!! Yeah that vinyl is incredibly fantastic! Thanks!


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