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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Lake Michigan dunes in winter

Today I bring you another installment in the series of web trips, dancing around the internet plucking out the cool, enjoying a lil' escapism, ya know, interesting reads n' stuff!

With my back being irritatingly kittywampus, tossing a wrench into far too many a plan, or no plan but a plan to make a plan, it's been tough to do, well, everything.  My latest plan?  Making sure this back thing is not set on repeat.

As such, wowza, we're at the halfway mark of 2021 already.  How in the hell did that happen?!  Stupid back, sheesh.  

All right, let's take a pre-summer web vacation and do some fun reading! 

Ok!  It's gardening season which is, woot!, oh so fabulous, right?!  Get outside, do some stuff, yank way too many weeds...mosquitos....wait, where am I going?  Here are 10 Ways to Use Epsom Salts in the Garden from Bob Vila.  

dollar store wood dowel vases diy
The Dollar Store Decor wood dowel vases DIY.  And the tribbles.  Back in January.
See, it can be fertilizer or a killer, so do your research.  Regular salt?  Kills everything, and kills for a long time so be careful.  I can absolutely vouch for the Epsom salt kill a stump tip.

Oh, by the way, I discovered the best weeder ever — no bending, no crouching, not a pain in the back:  a stand up weeder.  Does it make me feel old?  Sure, but who cares.  My Menards had it so your local home improvement store or Home Depot* should too, though Amazon does as well.*

Why do all my gardening tips come from Bob Vila?  Honestly clueless.  I'm not a Bob Vila follower pet se either.  I get the majority of these articles for you from Apple News, so that must be it.  Well, regardless, here's 19 Zero Dollar Garden Hacks via, heh, yep, Bob Vila.

I toooootttaaalllly want to make this outdoor sofa, as seen on Jumprope.  Mike's not interested.  Grrr.  It'd be a cozy spot for Finn!  Oh, and us too, heh.  Deck nap, anyone?!  Mike is hard set on his gravity chairs* though.  Hmpfff.

the beginnings of the laundry room makeover
Finally got the frick started on the laundry room, a post share from February.
Let's hit up some handy decluttering and/or organizing niblets, shall we?

This is a phenomenal idea and can be applied to sooo much more than kitchen tools:  Weed Out the Kitchen Tools You Don't Use with the Box Method via Lifehacker.  Yeah, can you see how effective this would be anywhere around the house?  I haven't tried it yet but definitely will.

Oops, I had every intention to check this out, Family Handyman's 7-day Organizing Challenge, but uh, completely dropped the ball.  Maybe you'll find something beneficial there!

And if you need a fact-based reason to get at your clutter, here's The Scientific Reason Why Cleaning and Organizing is Good for You via Taste of Home.  I mean, they're not wrong.

Ok, let's get decor/interior design heavy now.

record player area revamped again
The record player area finally hit its stride in March.
Plywood Partitions Divvy Up Space in A Free-Flowing London Townhouse on Dwell, cool.  Sure, call me mad, with furrowed brow say it looks unfinished grr blar blar blah but in a well-edited scheme, it's sharp.

Lifehacker pulls up with Ignore These Outdated Interior Design Myths.  They get on a roll and bluntly stop at three.  But key amongst them is the painting a dark room a light color trick that does not work.  Folks, it doesn't; let that one go and embrace the dark side.

Architectural Digest proffers Is the Open Floor Plan Really Dead?  I certainly hope not and I certainly hope these types of clickbait articles go away.  

In my opinion, it's not the space that's the issue, it's that people haven't been shown how to make that space function for their needs.  

We're used to compartmentalized spaces, we like our little boxes (mm, not me).  I get it.  Open floor plans allow more light and air to move freely, feel larger, are flexible, multi-functional, and bring people together.  Why is that bad?

master bathroom shower renovation revealed
In May, the finished master bathroom shower renovation was revealed!
Here's an assist with open floor plan issues, read Good Housekeeping's 6 Simple Minimalist Decorating Tips.  Or in general.  Good tips for everyone even if you're not a minimalist nor strive to be.

Ah, this is needed, from Insider:  Please Stop Modeling Your House after Home Improvement Shows.  Kinda speaks for itself.  And reinforces my sentiments about trends.

Oh, heh, tangentially related, this was a good one from Apartment Therapy, I Was Fooled By a Flipped Home, Here are 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying It.  Aaahhhgain, I'mma say it, house flippers should be licensed and monitored.  Seriously.  We can't all be smarter than a home inspector, though we should.
a diy wood pot rack lid holder
June brought us a 15 Minute Pot Lid Rack DIY!
That's an ample web trip, yeah?  I hope so!

Too I hope to be at projects and whippin' up cool sh*t for your amusement in full force any minute.  Fingers crossed!  Send good back juju!

*The stand up weeder and gravity chair links are Home Depot affiliate links.  The other stand up weeder link is an Amazon affiliate link.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.

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