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Thursday, December 7, 2017


Hey, lookie at that, I did some decoratin' on our "mantel!"  Our lil' felt stockings, awww.  There is a fireplace back in there, for reals.  Quite positive my mom made that wreath mmmph mmph years ago; I remember it as a wee one.  Always loved it.
I know, I was on a hot streak there for a hot minute but alas, work rang up.  Eeerrrttt.  Heh.  Needless to say, anything I was doing or about to do skidded hot onto the back burner, hence no fun adventures to share.  Boo.

Things miiight be gearing back up so hang with me.  It’s gonna get messy.  There will be swearing.  This may also in fact be when Mike officially certifies me insane and has me committed for life.  Or I commit myself.  We’ll see, huh?  If you don’t hear from me....

In the mean time!  As I sit here waiting for my car battery to charge (hm, quite odd)....(Diesels have glow plugs that need to pre-warm I just learned, thanks babe) (My diesel has the fix, fyi) (Man, I get rockin' mileage too, it's amazing) (Now I'm sitting in service....)

So that little six buck hunk of plastic, that lil’ ol’ dryer vent draft blocker?*  Yeah.  Cannot recommend that thing enough. Best six bucks spent ever.

The waterfall of cold air falling down the stair is definitely MIA.  Guess I've said that before though.  But it really is gone.

On top of that, our dryer is humming along happy, its performance back to normal.  Nice.  Get one.

I was super close to draining and flushing our hot water heater which, uh ooops, did not know we were supposed to be doing every year.  Hey uh, drain your hot water heater yearly, people.

But thankfully I randomly tripped over this tidbit of advice over on Hometalk.  Because we haven't done it once in the four years it has been here, we should not now lest we can o' worms it and trust me, that I do not want to do.

Massive headache, mess then expense surely averted.  We'll just wait for it to die.  Whew!

Oh!  Oh!  My spiffy blog made a list for the first time ever!  And I'm on it with some hefty names, I'm humbled.  Check it out, Top 30 Interior Design Blogs!  Awesome, right?!

If you're looking for some handmade homemade candles, we met Lynn of The Moy Candle Company in New Orleans back oh several years ago.  Oh.  Moments before we found out about Hailey's cancer.


Well but Lynn's candles are great and she ships around the country.  We order a batch every year around this time, keeping plenty for ourselves but we also give them as gifts.

She's got scents I never suspected could be a candle and they are true to label, so follow her Facebook page for scent updates throughout the year.

The back stair planks are still stuck, so that's quite good.  I did notice Finn scratched a pawful of nail lines onto the skim coat concrete, so that's quite disappointing.  Jerk.

The first floor bathroom is still excellent.  Love it.

The deck stain is flakin' off all over the place and I feel sick.

The garage workbench, the eyehook holding it up pulled apart.  Whoa, right?  I replaced it with a beefier one but next time I was out there, the table top was down, the legs laying on the floor.  Broken.  Sigh, heh.  Revisiting soon.

It must be that time again where the back door closer fires up and becomes a pain in the a**.  Granted, I will give it that we've had some serious wind as of late.  Outside has, outside.  (Too much?)

I threatened it with replacement, relocated a screw, banged the part at the wall straight yet again and it seems to be behaving.  Not even getting stuck open.  Hm.  We have a messed up relationship, me and that thing.*  We shall see, I say suspiciously.

There's a sense lingering on something specific I wanted to update you on but alas, my addled brain, it has slipped away.  Hopefully by the end of this post I'll remember.

Oh!  Yes.  I had to return the humidifier.  And I'm crying.

After querying several HVAC types, the lines that needed to move essentially could not move, therefore the Aprilaire 700M,* my dream humidifier:  too large.  Sob.  Sniffle.

Poking the interwebs, I did discover gizmos that shoot mist* into your supply duct and they are way smaller.  Hm.  I wonder.  I've read a few positive things but they require yearly maintenance, yearly nozzle replacement.  You will be apprised.

Beat. Dead. Horse.  Never gonna give up.....itchy scratchy skin...

Soooo anywhooooo.  This web trip, yeah, it’s gonna be a smash hit, promise.  Each link is very worth the click, I swear.  Mmmmk, cozy up pals, let’s get clickin’!

Surely this is more of a spring cleaning tip but my own ditch the stuff itch hits in January.  It’s a simple tip, as outlined for multiples of items but I can definitely see it spot on if you pull out a pile of items regardless of relation:  This Declutting Pro’s 10-Percent Method Will Help You Pare Down Guiltlessly from Apartment Therapy.

Advice I should heed.

Remember gosh darn it forever ago I batsh*tedly espoused oh, it'd be awesome if I could make tiles using my Antoni Gaudí trivet?  Well I'll be gosh darn damned, someone went and did it.*  And they're black.  And I want them.  All of them.  All.

OooOOOooohhhh what a kitchen floor that would make, omg, I'm woozy, I'm dying.  Die.Ing.  Maybe in white though.  Die.Ing.

Whatever you do, do not under any circumstances peruse that tile website lest you desire to drool Everywhere.  I guarantee you'll be leaping from your seat, ripping out old tile any second.  Don't.  (Do.)  (I'll wait for you.)

Wow.  Right?


This is some seriously sick eye candy:  Historic Cape Town Grain Silos Converted into Breath-Taking Art Gallery.

This will do good for your eyeballs too:  1920's Warehouse in Los Angeles Turned into a Splendid Modern Industrial Loft.

Power up that drool factory again here with Whimsy and Design Savvy Strike a Happy Chord in This Colorful NYC Home.

Who writes these article titles anyway, heh?  Someone with an active thesaurus apparently.

10 Badass Kitchens Rocking the Black Trend Right Now.  Ah, heh, that's better.  Not quite enough black for me and my cuckoo black paint ways but use of black scores points in my book any day.

This one's got more black, mmm yum:  10 Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Stylish Cooks.  Oh me, I'm a stylish cook, ay?

This one, just for the visual cacophony of it all but somehow, some..., somehow it makes sense:  Public Relations Specialist's New York Apartment.

C'mon Chicago, we gotta represent here, people.

Mmm, here we go:  Ace Hotel Chicago Gets Colorful Mid-Century Style Interiors by Commune.  Nice.

I appreciate the sentiment and the mission of this, Survey Says:  Here's What People Really Think of Decorating "Rules," but what they fail to acknowledge is that design rules are so confoundingly pounded into people's heads, there's no way to objectively survey.  But!  Entertaining reading.

In the same vein, The Biggest Interior Design Mistakes You Can Make.  Now atypically, I'll agree with some of these but of course not all.

This cracked me up:  10 Stylish Design Trends that Can Devalue Your Home.  Black or grey decor?  Two of the classiest colors?  Really?  Pfffffttttt, whatev's dude.

From the uh Random Extras Category that I saved for you:

Art Makes You Smart, via The New York Times.  I mean, duuuuuuuuuhhhhhh.

This is good.  And true.  Fear is Boring, and Other Tips for Living a Creative Life.  You don't have to be "creative" to read it either so just read it, you'll see.

This was a rather intensely huge bummer and a fyi very lengthy read and surely an off-the-wall suggestion from me, but if us women can do anything, and we can, we can nail this.  The New Midlife Crisis for Women.

Ok, now I gotta find a big happy finish, heh....

How about Julián Ángel's cake website?


How to Replace Your Self-Doubt with Unshakeable Confidence.  I fake I can do something all the time to discover I actually can do it, so yeah, totally works.

Not happy enough?  Ok ok.  Um.

Ah ha!  A dogs in costumes video!  Winner!  Omg, so beyond hilarious.  Finn would kill us in our sleep if we ever attempted a costume, ha.

Okeh-lee-doke-eh-lee my friends.  Be back soon.

Huh, a no photo post, wow, it's been a while.  That always means a Pea.

Goofball.  Aw I miss you, little girl.
*The dryer vent draft blocker, door closers, Aprilaire humidifiers, and duct misting humidifiers are Amazon affiliate links.  The Gaudi tile I so desperately want is a Home Depot affiliate link.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.

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