And Now 2017, That's a Wrap Too.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

What?!  Seriously?  Where....the year.....What?!  My goodness, where the heck did it go?  Did we even have one?!  What happened?!?!

*blink blink*

This time flying past my face at light speed thing is, oy me, much too fast.  Remember as a kid summers would last foreeeever?  Sigh.

Well so it is and here we are at the end of yet another year.  Looking at my list of past posts and projects, it is quite paltry.  Per usual, I did not get much done around the house so again I'm sure I'll say, next year!, it's all gonna happen next year!

2018!  It's all gonna happen next year!  Goodness, let's hope so.  There's so much to do.  Plus it'll be our five year house anniversary -- I feel like I am so far behind where I want to be!  Aw man.  Five years!  Five!

Since this is a resolution-free zone, let's take a look at the most popular posts of the year based on page views as we reflectively did last year and the year before, shall we?


Number ten:  Mini Variety Pack, Plus Be Back Soon!  It likely wasn't the toilet tank filler or the hall bathroom light fixture or the repainted utility closet floor.  Maybe it was the pillows or the recipes that brought this to number ten.

Dah, pillows!
Number nine:  Hall Bathroom.  Revisited.  This is kinda one of my favorites for many a' reason, two of which are Mike's reaction and I think the stained lath wall looks mighty damn awesome.

Right on.  Cool wall.  Nice.
Number eight is Easy:  Concrete Tissue Box Cover.  The things one can achieve with skim coat concrete* are endless!  Fun stuff, give it a whirl.

Number seven:  How To:  Faux Paint Rust + Reused Wood Shelf.  I was rather proud of myself for how all the seemingly disparate elements of this lil' shelf came together.

Number six comes in as First Floor Bathroom Cabinets!  Holy Cow.  Part Two.

Boy.  This bathroom is a controversy:  the wallpaper, why would you rip out a tub that's absurd, you just shot your house value to death, it's so dark in there, the before was better, those cabinets yuck, no no no, why why why, tub tub tub.

Definitely the year of bathrooms, and this bathroom in particular.
Granted I did not read the comments on the Apartment Therapy post but I did read and respond to comments over on Hometalk.  I'm not mad in the least; why should I be?  Opinions are like a**holes, everyone's got one.

Largely, non-constructive comments roll right off my back (having taken years of buttercup bucking up) but just don't be a pointlessly rude jerk online, mmk?  I know you guys aren't, no worries.

And hey, ya know, to each their own, right?  My personal, design-for-myself taste is not for everyone just as everyone else's taste may not be for me.  And that's perfectly a-okay.  Mike and I happen to love every aspect of this bathroom redo.

And quite honestly, I wish people would take more chances with their interiors, go out on a limb, have some fun, ditch the greige, truly express themselves, let the personality shine, not give a whoop-dee-do about what others think.  A lesson I'm always trying to hammer home.

Number five, Variety Pack:  Outdoor Version.  Not sure why this one took off but hopefully it was a helpful read.  Oh, I bet it was the super beautiful peony I planted.  I mean peony, c'mon.

OooOOoohhhhh, how you are missed my little pink lovely.
Number four:  Faux Bed Frame/Box Spring Cover/In Lieu of a Bed Skirt Thingamajig.  This garnered interest over there on Hometalk where I officially received the freakiest question ever -- will this stop scorpions from climbing into my bed.                                                         Yeah.                              I know, right?!            

Ack, holy heebeegeebees!!

Number three on the list:  Back Stair Flooring.  Part Two.  An update on the peel and stick vinyl and bonus!, where the remainder of the skim coat concrete went.

Oh.  So much better.
By now you should be sharply mindful that I ain't one a' them "life is perfect and shiny and bright and happy and everything is magical and works every time and never breaks" bloggers; nope, real life here, my friends.

As such, I find it important to do follow up posts letting you know how things panned out so everyone can learn from my success and failure, celebrate the wins with me as well as point and laugh too.

Number two.....Dip Dyed String Curtain.  It appears folks found this idea a useful and fun solution to hiding things.  This is definitely a finer answer for the utility closet door than my poor felt curtain.

Yet another room where it's terribly difficult to photograph anything.
And for number one?  Back Stair Flooring.  At Last.  This turned into a mini Pinterest hit which is pretty cool.  Peel and stick, what could be easier?  Heh, well, ok, what could be easier in theory.

I mean, yeah, it did turn out looking nicer than I anticipated.
For my own honorable mentions, the ones missing the popularity cut, there's the Final Final First Floor Bathroom Reveal.  While it may not be a fave post per se, it is in the sense that the bathroom was finally complete and I finally got to share it with you.  I was finally finally done.

Yay!!!  Done!!
Four years in the making.  Yeesch.  Explains why Mike won't let me touch the master bath I suppose, four years.  But it felt tremendous to write "hey, yo, it's done, peeps!"  Weight lifted.

Similarly, Bathroom Update was reinvigorating for me as numerous boxes were checked off, progress was hot to trot which is such a happy place.  I seriously get all warm and fuzzy inside when progress is a'-foot.  Pooped, but warm and fuzzy.

Oh.  The humidifier story.  Sigh.  Not a fave but a saga, an achievement but yet not.  On a zero degree day like today, it'd sure be nice to have a humidifier humming along, as I snort and cough.

(We're trying a portable one as of right now as we [I] cannot take it any longer:  the highly rated Aircare 3 gallon Mini-Console Evaporative Humidifier.*  Plugged it in twenty minutes ago and I literally, no joke, already feel a major air quality difference.  Ahhhhhhh.......)

Yes, Finn has to inspect everything.  He is Captain Sniffer after all.  "20" is what our current indoor humidity level is.  Yeah.  It's parked next to my office under a return vent.  We shall see.
The New Front Porch felt such the accomplishment and rawr, go woman power!  We can do anything!  Yeah!

Yeah!  Yeah!
Wow, hmm, it was a lean lean project year all right.

Ok, fine, I'll make one singular resolution:  get my a** in gear and get a sh*t ton of projects done.  I hope I don't regret pressuring myself this way and let myself down.

Which is why I don't do resolutions.

Great, now I'm worried.....

Ok, let's start over, heh:  clap clap, blanket statement, resolution-free, let's get some sh*t done this year, people!!  C'mon, let's go!

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope your holiday season has been fantastic and the new year brings you all sorts of wondrous delights!

See ya soon!

*The skim coat concrete and Aircare humidifiers are Amazon affiliate links.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.

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