Pallet Wood Wall Mount Silverware Holder Thingie-ma-jig.

Monday, February 22, 2016



So I finally got around to the silverware holder thingie, heh, after the whole fiasco of not getting to it the other day.

I went the cheap-as-possible route which for me meant pallet wood.  Heh, it's crazy, I'll tell ya, for someone who's not big into pallet wood nor pallet wood projects, I seem to be all over the pallet wood, like here.  Here.  And here.  And here!  Sheesh, wow!

Ahhh the pallet wood.
Probably because it's wood and it's free.  And hey, it's got a nice patina too.

So right, anyway.  Where did I leave off?  Oh, yes:  Trot down to the basement to peruse on-hand materials.

I thought ok, I'll make little boxes out of the pallet wood to hold all the silverware by type.  Then I'll uh...I'll attach the boxes to a longer slat of pallet wood and uh, yeah, attach that to the wall.  Yeah!

That was about the extent of my planning.

First I cut several slats of wood to four inches.

Pallet wood.  Four inch long pieces.  Check.
A new discovery on my spiffy beloved miter saw?  It came with a I dunno what it's technically called but a clamping device.  Unfortunately it can only be on the left side as the saw hits it on its chopping motion downward on the right.  I like having my cut-off piece be on the right so I can hold with my left hand.

I used a 2x4 stop right at four inches.  Made uniform cutting so silly simple.
I managed.  Still have all my digits.  Unscathed too.

As I wanted the faces of the boxes to be free of attachment devices, I glued them with the fancy Gorilla glue* and let those set up for a day.

Heh.  Smush.
In this particular case, I made sure to dampen the to-be-glued edges with water first as that amps up the power of the glue.  Roar go glue, go glue!

Dampening da' edges, yep.
Next, trimmed up little chunks o' wood for the bottoms.  Those were glued and screwed using a handful of random screws I had on hand.

Lil' bottom chunks all trimmed up and ready to do.
Bottoms glued and screwed.  Isn't the face of the wood cool?
Lastly, time to attach the cutie boxes to a long slat.  Well, I did not have a long slat.  Just regular pallet sized slats.

Now, I could have attached the boxes to the regular size but I feared by doing so, it would look too "country."  It's a given for pallet wood to be "country" or "rustic" or "farmhouse" or ways and styles that do not fit mine.  Not that anything is wrong with those styles, there's not; they just are not for me.

In the end, I opted to glue two slats end to end.  I had these itty wood craft shapes* from grad school model building that I thought to use as uh, what, additional connection support?, with glue and screws.  Turns out my teensy machine screws split the thin delicate patches despite the pilot holes.  It's the v shaped part of the screw head I did not account for.  Doh.

Doh indeed!
Whatev's, enough glue, a weight to hold it all in place, walk away.

Next day?  Wow, it all stuck!  I'm sure it's not terribly terribly sturdy but hey man, stuck!

I attached all the boxes from behind and carefully brought it upstairs.

Little low on flat headed screws it seems.  But since the wood is a bit bowed and those patches bump out the back a smidge, it's fine.
For some reason my stud sensor was goofy off and I ended up accidentally finding a stud which was great.

And now it's on the wall.

Indeed, on the wall.  Hm.
Why did I not trim the long patched together slat a bit?  Why is it sticking way out to who knows where?  I know, it probably seems super duper weird, like whoa Becky, what the....I felt it would give the thing a more modern look.

I backed away and thought, huh, yuck.  Did a coupla' head tilts.  Maybe it'll be better with the silverware in it?

Nope.  Still not liking it.  Maybe it'll grow on me in time?  I don't know.

Aw man, what is Mike gonna say when he gets home?!  Aw dear, aw no.

(He said:  Oh, look at you!  Huh.  Hm.  Hmph.)

It's quite busy.  And a focus-puller.  It's a lot.

Well I mean I don't hate it, I'm just not liking the thing in this particular context, for this use, on the wall here.  Maybe I can use it somewhere else in the house for something else where it won't be so HI!! HERE I AM HOLDING SILVERWARE!!

Hey, what can I say?  Not everything can turn out a winner, ya know?

I mean, I like the boxes, the thing itself in general is ok enough.  Hm.

Mike suggested moving everything off the cart and so far I've moved my precious stand mixer and the tiny food processor.  He was right, that helped.  Can I just move the cart out?  Heh heh heh.

He said, "well if you just center the thing..."  I replied, "you like things centered while I like things off-center."  He chuckled and without hesitating even a beat quipped, "that pretty well sums up our entire relationship now doesn't it?"  hahahaha, he ain't lyin'!  :)

In my extra defense, the cart does move on occasion so keeping everything all centered is tricky.  Trickier.

This gizmo would make a great outdoor wall planter.  Hm.......chin scratch.

Welp.  We'll see!

*The Gorilla glue and craft wood shapes are Amazon affiliate links.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.


  1. Hmmmmm, what about some flowers or a cactus in one of the sections?

    1. I see by your "hmmm" you see what I'm seeing. Flowers or a cactus would probably help a lot actually.

  2. This is very cute! Lots of possibilities here, even besides the silverware {which are a great idea in and of themselves!} Would love to have you come over and share at The DIY Collective! We are live right now!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I was hoping folks would see all the potential in the general idea, thanks! I'll be by your site for sure, thanks for the invite!

  3. Where did you get your cart? Looks like something I could the wall holders. What wall I have is now holding pegboard. As a gourmet cook I have way too many items! I do use all of them. Love to and craft!

    1. I ordered the cart online years back but there are likely others available. I will say the drawers were insanely small rendering the cart kind of useless so research will be your friend. If you can or have a handy friend, maybe something custom would be more useful, especially having lots of gourmet items. Boy, dinner at your place would be fantastic! Thanks!


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