Mike's Office.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Here's how things go around here.

Scene:  Interior, office.  Becky sitting at computer, trying to force a project by scrolling through saved pins.

Huh, that's interesting.  Ehh, hmm.  What does our house really need though?  Hm.

Oh I know, something for our silverware.  If it's going to be a while before we get some damn drawers in our kitchen, what if I create a temporary artful-ish storage solution because I am quite tired of our silverware sitting atop this darn cart that was supposed to hold it all in one of its drawers.

Hm.  Ideas lolling, gerbils running out of breath.  Beginnings of an idea for new DIY foyer light fixture flashes through brain.  No, back to the silverware ya goof.  Ok, got vague notion....go!

Trot down to the basement to peruse on-hand materials.  Gosh, the basement has turned into an utter train wreck, I really ought to tidy it up first.  Hm.  I gotta come up with a more affordable curtain solution along that wall of storage too....Task at hand, stick to task at hand you.

Hm...What if I put the 2x4's that I ripped out of our house over there....What if I move that upstairs....And then move that...

Cut to:  Hall bedroom.

See Becky in action completely reorganizing the entire closet.

Cut to:  Mike's office.

See Becky in action reorganizing closet shelf.

Back and forth between the two rooms.  Back and forth, down to basement, haul up junk, store under guest bed and inside closets.  Clap hands.

Where was I?  Oh right, basement tidying.  Wait, wasn't I...?

Back to the basement, move 2x4's to new storage spot, spy cute little wobbly mid-century cabinet that got booted to purgatory in place of the record cabinet.  Poor guy.  I wonder if it'll fit in Mike's office.  

(Secretly, between you and I, I've been trying to get this one spot in the basement cleared out forever so I can move my drafting table there and that cabinet has been in my way as of late.  Shhhh.....((I need Mike's help hence the shhhhh.))

Cut to:  Mike's office again.

Man, this room is a wreck.  Dude.  Love ya and all babe but it's a mess.  What if I just sorta ya know did a coupla' things in here, ya know kinda make it mmmmm, a smidge better, give the guy a jump start.  

I know!  I'll hang the white Ikea Lack shelf here that was formerly in our living room.  Yeah!  Yeah!!

Mike's office wall before
Sorry babe, I'm not trying to embarrass you!
Eons ago Mike purchased the desk and chair, I grabbed the Ikea rug, and he was going to decorate his own office.  I painted it the nice dark shade he requested.  And I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  And

Mike's office
Seriously, not trying to embarrass you, babe.
Wait, wasn't I going to work on something for the silverware?  Oh.  Yeah.  I was.  Um, this is awkward.  So uh, maybe silverware tomorrow then.

Yeah, that's how things go around these parts.


Mmmk.  So I eyeball a placement for the shelf, attach that sucker to the wall.  Dress up said shelf all nice with Mike's stuff, mostly pictures of Samson which are already nice on their own.

Ok, back to the basement to (yes by now the Finnmeister has finally given up on tailing me around the house and is napping quite nicely on our bed) get cute yet wobbly mid-century cabinet.

Oh please fit oh please fit oh please fit.  Oh hey it fits!  Yay!  Aw, it's so yes and cute and perfect there!

Carry out dead plant that was sitting within the broken chair.  My bad, I kept forgetting these plants were down here as I'm only in here to get toilet paper as somehow this is where it has always been stored and therefore didn't water plants.  Which extra sucks because I had that Norfolk pine for over twenty years.  Sad.  I'm such a jerk.

Ok, all right, everything arranged oooOOoohhh I bet Mike would love me forever and ever if I hung his neon sign for him!

So I did.

another view of office space
Yeah.  I coulda hung the neon lower so the switch sat on top of the cabinet.  Oops.  But then it would have been too low.
Then I hung up his beer clock.

cleaned up office space

Mmm all righty, the rest is on him.

Collected tool pile.


Took photos.

Did not carry out heavier dead plant obv's.  :(

Pause.  Scan the room.  Deep sigh.

Muuuuuch better.


I know it'll only last a day or two like this but fingers crossed my sweetheart fancies it and it makes his mornings ironing happier.

I texted him a teaser photo a few hours ago and just now got The Phone Call..."what are you doing?"  Heh.

Watney's neon sign lit
I knew you'd want to see the neon lit.
Oh, by the way?  Wanna talk about nutty?  I checked my master list in a binder and guess what?  I didn't even have "pocket door" written down.  No where.  It was so big it didn't earn its own line item.

So guess what?  I'm going to write it in and then cross it off with like parade music going on in the background or something.  Maybe I'll video it for you.

Totally still in shock over having that door in and that it works.

Gosh, I was sorting through old posts for linking and came across this one I hadn't reread since I posted it originally.  Wow, what a mixed bag of emotions as I sit here.  Goodness.



Right, I'll get back to that silverware thingie hopefully tomorrow then.  After I finish tidying up the basement....

Though....over the weekend I was offered a pilot gig, The Exorcist for Fox, which will likely start within the week for four weeks, so long nothing changes as television is wont to do.  Sounds like it's gonna be a major quantity of work so my time anywhere but work will be limited.  I'll try to pre-stack some reading material to spread out while I'm gone.

Gonna try a slow cooker for the first time ever, see if that makes my life easier during a show, so gotta find some recipes, plan a month long menu, shop, prep....whooie!  Lots to do, lots to do, so, gotta run!

All righty, hopefully I'll be back again this week!

*The Parsons chair is a Target affiliate link.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.  The desk was also a Target buy but is no longer available, sorry!


  1. I love this. We are putting 15 cabins on Lake Eufaula OK now I know how to do the silver ware. Thank you for posting

  2. I love that blue on the walls. What is it? I have a dark blue room and I love it so much. And it's funny too because I love all white interiors but somehow I fell in love with dark blue rooms. Go figure.
    Also, dark blue looks delicious with wooden mid century modern furniture against it.

    1. Thank you! It's Nocturne Blue by Behr, not too far off the dark blue color you told me about actually, though yours is richer with more depth. You're absolutely right, dark blue looks great with mid-century furniture!

    2. Thanks for telling me the color. I've heard Behr can be hard to work with but some people adore it. How did you find it? Yeah or nay?
      There are two paints I hate: cashmere by Sherwin Williams- because It's like painting with dry pudding or foundation, and Advance by BM. The colors on advance change a lot over time and it's a little hard to work with and it doesn't adhere well to metal. I did paint a wooden swing with it and even though it was indoor paint it covered really well through the elements. The color changes about two shades darker though.

    3. Of course, any time.

      Really? I have always liked Behr but that's just me. I had the paint mixed over at Menards to save a few bucks. Behr, for me, is really easy to work with and just the basic paint with primer covers in one coat, but I find paint is like cilantro for people -- love or hate a brand.

      I will most certainly note pudding paint as a major no and steer clear of paint that changes color for sure, wow. Thank you for the super helpful tips!

  3. You're welcome. I have an obsession with paint, lol. I wish I could have found more info on paint when we began our house reno. Paint is not cheap! Another tidbit, Valspar is a really nice paint to work with. Cheap and cheerful as they say, but the colors don't have any depth. But sometimes, especially for whites, that might not be an issue. About 15 years ago I painted a table with Martha Stewart oil paint in white ( I don't know if she still sells this paint?) and the color never yellowed and it held on like a second skin even though I had the table outside sometimes. That was a great paint!

    1. I too am paint fixated so I am totally with you on that. And you're right, paint is not cheap (though cheaper than maybe other fixes).

      Heh, I've tried Valspar and personally did not like it. For the reasons you mentioned and it didn't cover well at all. But again, paint brands are like cilantro. ;)

      Martha still does sell paints, all types like interior, craft, etc. Wow, good to know! Was it an interior oil? I will file that tip away indeed.


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