What to do?: Results, Part 2.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Thinking back, it was a busy holiday weekend, even if I didn't get a whole lot done around the house.  I sure had some grand dreams, didn't I?

On Saturday of that long weekend, I did start putting together a photo album of Hailey thanks to the Ikea Family promo code freebie thing.  I had to stop though as it was just too hard, too much, too overwhelming.  The pain of losing her is so unbelievably immense, more than I can even begin to think about processing, therefore I'm still in shock and denial.

I have so many pictures of my sweet pea (but not enough of course), so many I want to include, ones that remind me of this time or that time or something that slipped my memory or when she...; I got so very sad and heartsick.  Words like "remember" or "was" or anything past tense is like twenty thousand daggers to my soul.  So yeah, had to stop.  I suppose if I miss out on the free photo book, so be it.


I did neglect to mention last time I wrote that I bought myself a super cool big present.  A compound miter saw.*  Yep.  I did it.  And I am darn excited about it too.  I have wanted one for...I don't even know how long.

Happy gift to Becky day!  Cannot wait to try it out.

So did I dash home breathlessly and rip open the box like it was Christmas morning?  Well, ummm, nooo, not quite yet, but I promise that will happen.  I'll try to video the moment.  The saw was on sale and Monday was as good a time as any, so bingo, baby got compound miter saw!  I do love me some power tools.

After taking care of the door closers and even though I was super wiped out, I thought and thought and thought.  Well, ya know, that garage is bugging me the most right now, the mess on my side after Mike cleaned up his side.

Mike's much tidier side of the garage.

Ok, if I'm gonna do only one more thing around the house, the garage is it, I thought to myself.

My messy side.  Yeesch.

Mike had moved those cool black chairs that I love so much, the ones he wants to throw out, to right in front of my car.  I bet I know why he did that too -- he was probably hoping I'd get irritated with them being there and want them tossed.  No such luck.

Finally, a photo of those cool black chairs I love so much!

About two weeks prior, I inquired of him, "hey uh, baby, do you think [and here's where his eyes usually glaze over and roll back into his head, those three little words 'do you think'] those black chairs could be stashed up in the rafters of the garage?"  I got a blank stare, a hint of a glare, a long pause and then a "nope."  He said he didn't want them falling on the cars.  Understandable.

But, so, then I picked up some bungee cords after checking out the rafter situation in the garage, heh, because ya know, I can't leave well enough alone.  And now guess where the chairs are.  Securely wedged above and out of the way.  I did forewarn Mike while dining at Superdawg, that when he got home he'd see those chairs up there.  "They're going to fall," he protested, in full on glare mode.  Understandable, he was tired.  "They're really wedged and anchored down, babe, it'll be fine," I responded.

They're still up there.  They won't fall.

Only one chair above on Mike's side because if it falls on his car, this will be my last post ever.

I rediscovered this spiffy piece of wood below which I had picked up from Twitchy's place during one of my final visits.  A cool idea for this is in order, I just don't know what yet.

I don't know what kind of wood it is but it resembles the mahogany pieces I got from him.  Either way, whatever it is, it's just cool.

Anyway, so I tidied up my side of the garage, and ahhhhh, it's sooooo much better.  I'm very anti-visual clutter, so now that the mess is cleared up, pulling into the garage every day is far more pleasant.

Those boxes are brimming with tile I purchased, way pre-planning ahead:  the floor of the main bath, the floor of the master bathroom plus wall tile for the master shower-to-be.  All stuff that needs to happen.  Someday.  Sigh.

But, until that day, I have a nice, tidy, roomy, and orderly parking space.  Yay!  Funny, I caught a second wind after cleaning up the garage though thankfully I knew better than to keep going.  I depleted that second wind picking up the library chair though.

So that's pretty well how I spent my three day weekend.  Not as productive as I was hoping, but a few things got done and that's good enough for me.  Not super exciting, probably not the most thrilling read ever, but it's all part of our house process.

Coming soon, the nice folks at Hometalk invited me to curate a clipboard for the first time ever!  How cool is that?!  Stay tuned for that upcoming blog post!

*The compound miter saw is an Amazon affiliate link.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.


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