Hiding Things: My Curated Hometalk Clipboard.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Indeed, the super nice people over at Hometalk invited me, little ol' me, to curate a clipboard for them!  How excellent, right?  I am honored.  And I was right flattered, for sure!

I have my friend Janette to thank for giving me the fantastic opportunity to test out and review the Wiremold by Legrand DIY In-Wall Cord & Cable Power Kit in the first place.

The lovely folks at Hometalk enjoyed my post about hiding cable and television wires so much, they invited me to put together a collection of related topics to share with folks.  My clipboard is entitled "Hiding Things" and can be found by clicking here.  If you click here, you'll find my profile over on their site too.

Have you heard of Hometalk?  It's quite the praiseworthy site.  I like to think of it as Pinterest on steroids.  In a good way, yeah, don't take that wrong.  And by that I mean it's more in depth on home related stuff than surfing the Pinterests, a site I do adore as well.  While sure, you can click through a few times to get to the original content there, over on Hometalk you get the goods right away.

It's a superb place to see what other people are up to in general, do some research, seek out projects similar to what you want to accomplish, or even ask questions of their community.  Some of those in the community are professionals even.  And!  You can share your own projects too!

I mean seriously, just scroll through the topics and you'll see there's, well, everything.  It's a place for not only homeowners; there's great stuff on there that is directed at, useful for, or can be adapted for renters as well.  Everyone!

So yeah, it's a neat site.  And I like it.

They even made me this spiffy graphic!  Aren't they cool?
So right, my clipboard!

There are a few picks directly related to my own blog post about hiding television and cable wires as everyone's situation is different.

What I think is fun about the collection on the clipboard is showing all sorts of DIY ways things can be hidden, disguised, or stored.  Most everything I picked is easy on the budget too since I'm always keeping a keen, steely eagle eye on my own.

Managing the plenteous things we own, organization, storage, and hiding things are always eternal dilemmas not only for interior designers but for everyone in their daily lives.  Many times we cobble together a quick solution for an issue at hand, myself included; I hope by putting together this collection of Hometalk postings, it gives you a jumping off point to think outside the box and think creatively not only about organizing, storing, and hiding things, but also about your home overall.

While some of the things I added aren't necessarily my own personal taste or style, that's okay because within each one is something to learn and adapt to your own taste or style.  For each one, I commented briefly on basically why I chose it but I expect everyone to get something different out of it.

I had a great time putting together the clipboard and I hope there's something in there that's an ah-ha moment for you.

Thanks Hometalk, you're the coolest!

*a small disclaimer:  Hometalk didn't pay me or compensate me in any way other than nice compliments that made me blush.

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