What to do? What to do?

Friday, August 29, 2014

It's a holiday weekend, folks.  I have three whole days off, well, almost, and my mind is awhirl with the possibilities of things I can get done around the house.

The other day I looked at my get-done-before-Sirens-starts list which I haven't done in a while and hmph, I just don't know.

This always happens.  I get a block of time and my brain winds up, thinking I have waaayy more time at hand than I really do.  But I do want to get at least something, one thing, done.  I just dunno what....

A walk in the p a r k with my cool woodworking friend Scott is on the possibility list, a long overdue catch up, be a little sad, try to be a little joyous in memories, old friends walk.  Yes, I still spell it out p a r k as I know Hailey's listening somewhere.  Jeez, what I wouldn't do to be able to say "park!" and take her for a walk.  Man.  Ugh.

Ikea Family sent an email with a coupon for a free photo book, so I need to do that before it expires.  That will be a teary, happy/sad, hole in my soul adventure as it will be a photo book of Hailey's life.

Ok.  So.  Um.

Some things on the list aren't realistic, like paint the kitchen cabinets.  Or organize and paint and such in the basement.  At least I'm having the wherewithal to comprehend that.

Finish painting the front door?  Maybe.  Depends on the weather which isn't looking too stellar for the weekend.

I did find a cool chair for the library on Craigslist yesterday but as per usual with Craigslist here in Chicago, the guy is flaking on me and not responding.  It's too bad 'cuz it's very well priced and it has a great form.
Chair from CL guy, his photo.


Work on the basement bathroom?  Ehhhhh....sounds really unappealing.

I'm thinking about working on our bedroom as all I've done in there is paint the walls and hang my most favorite possession up.  Mike and I agreed on a cool headboard idea which is pinned here, though ours will be much smaller.  That would mean buying myself a nice big present:  compound miter saw.  Wait, bills, bills.....Ok, we'll see.  I also had a curtain idea that would be cool but the big ginormous fabric store I'd go to is closed on Saturdays.  That master bedroom is really calling my name though.

Let's see, big master list.....Office shelves?  Maybe.  Paint the main stair?  That requires a ladder, likely a paint sprayer.  And for me to finally pick a color which I can't seem to do.  Fix the screen in the back security door?  Easy, and a possibility.  Dimmer switch for the library light?  Easy too, and a maybe.  A library rug DIY??

Gosh.  I really don't know!  I suppose I could just rest and relax.  Heh.  Right.  Likely I'll keep flipping through my list, wander around the house, see what I can get done.  I will most certainly keep you posted!

In the mean time, must make dinner.  Hope you all have a great weekend!


Well.  Then I see this article from the SFGate about the 12 Things Successful People Do Over 3-Day Weekends (link is broken, sorry!) while couch-surfing and relaxing this evening and now I feel wholly unsuccessful and belittled.  Wow.  Yeah, I have to disagree with their definition of "successful people" if a three day weekend is as regimented and work-like as work.  Heh, I have to say, I'm a little put off.  Ah well.  To each their own, right?

I hope you have a fantastic weekend doing whatever it is you want to do, enjoy doing and I think that makes it successful.  ;)

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