Rugs. Thinkin' about a DIY Library Rug.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Yeah so, yeah.  Thinking about making a rug for The Library.  Look, I'm getting all fancy schmancy pants by using capitalization now.

Rugs are expensive things.  And because I'm super picky about everything and I like slightly off-beat things, weird, creative, unusual, unique, one of a kind, outside the box with a hint of edge kind of stuff...that makes it even harder to find a rug.  Or anything else for that matter, really.  (Right, Mike?  Sorry, baby.  You did marry me though.  He even said to me this morning, "you're so odd."  In a loving way of course.  I took it as a compliment.)

Because me, I will literally search through thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of rugs online in one sitting.  Often in more than one sitting honestly, searching for that right one.  And because me too, I have top ten in the world champagne taste on a bottom of the barrel crap beer budget, so if I do find that rare winner, it's usually more than what's in my bank account.

Such is life.  Sigh.

Ah well.  On the bright side, I can make a rug, right?

Sure.  Sounds crazy, but what budget DIY'er is in their right mind anyway?  Well, heh, I probably shouldn't generalize like that.  Likely just me, not in my right mind.  Eh, no wisecracks, folks.

Because everything in the room is so linear, and rectilinear, some soft curves are in order to break things up and create some visual interest.  Curves will also help lead the eye around the room.  But because me, just a circular rug in there won't be enough now.  I need more than one curve; I need several shapes and turns.  Plus some floofy soft texture is needed too to even out those strict straight lines.

I have yet to locate a chair.  I know, it probably seems all kittywampus convoluted, like I'm doing this way out of order by painting the walls first, then making the pallet wood blinds, then adding the shelves and books, then putting up a light fixture, then thinking about a rug, a chair, etc.  But, this is how I work sometimes.  I have it all visualized in my head, and have had the whole room generally visualized in my head in its entirety from the beginning of the library process; I just need to find the correct pieces and parts to match.  Everybody works and designs differently.  Such a rule breaker I am, but then again, I don't think anyone should follow any decorating "rules."  Do what you love, who cares what other people think.  Please.

Oh!  My mom had a fantastic suggestion -- move my grandparents' table into the library.  I'm going to try it, see how it fits.  I have always loved this little Jetsons-esque table and it brings back fun memories.

So I was on Pinterest yesterday, searching DIY rugs and folks had some interesting projects on there.  Lots and lots of projects.  I've been attention/focus incapacitated for the last month (gosh it's so hard to re-read old posts, jeez) so I only cruised over a few hundred or so.

But I liked this idea, and I'm liking the pom pom rug approach too despite the onslaught of pom pom hate out there on some sites.  I thought I could combine the two ideas somehow by getting an underlay such as Ikea has (I know Menards has it too but it's not on their website that I could find easily) and maybe make less full, floppier large pom poms.  Or!  Make less full super jumbo extra large size pom poms.  Huh.  Interesting.  *chin rub*  I do have several things of yarn that my sister in law Yan sent to me that I could use, plus a thingie of yellow that I bought a few months ago because I wanted to make some of these that I didn't get around to.

So it's a thought anyway.  I'll keep thinking as I have this strange feeling that Mike is crinkling up his nose at the idea as he reads this.  He's never in that room, so, heh, it may just happen as an experiment anyway, we'll see.

What would you guys do if you were going to make a DIY rug?  Just buy one at the store instead, heh?  What would be your ideal rug for that one little spot you know needs one?


  1. I would go with the pompom rug, I love it. With one change.. If you are going to invest the time into making it, you might want to choose a color you love.


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