Fall DIY: Leaf Sun Catcher Wall Hanging Thingie

Saturday, November 5, 2022

close up of fall leaf sun catcher wall hanging thingie
I'm probably a tad late with this fall DIY leaf sun catcher wall hanging thingie.  I'm a punctual human, early even, but it appears never so with posting timely or seasonal projects.  Heh, my apologies.

Maybe you still have time by you though.  Or, if worse comes to worst, you can save this for next year.  I'll be sure to reshare when the season is nigh.

Or, you could possibly use faux leaves from the craft or dollar store maybe.

Right, ok, first, what the heck am I talking about?

Flying back from Scotland, we had a layover in Heathrow which allowed for browsing.

All my life, I've been a shopper.  Would go shopping with my mom.  Worked professionally for years shopping props for theater.  Shop for stuff for the house, ya know, shopper.  My skills are honed.  

Shopping is great but it is abusive to one's wallet.  Especially when you happen to be overseas and shopping opportunities abound.

Anyway, I pointlessly digress.  

I don't get to fly much but when I do, I'm an old-school weirdo and enjoy a pile of actual paper magazines to peruse.  I had intended to buy a few at home and definitely intended to for the return trip.

Well lo.  American print magazines at the newsstand, for one issue, costs more than a year's subscription in many cases.  Couldn't justify it.  But, can't help myself, bought three at Heathrow as they were more sensibly priced.  And from England.

One, in particular, I devoured for literally half the flight.  Yes, four hours.  Modern Gardens.  I realize we're not in the same zone but still, I was enrapt.

There was a selection of leaf crafts in this issue, one being this leaf sun catcher wall hanging thingie.

I'm not normally one for seasonal decor; in fact, I personally am not remotely.  Where to store it off-sesason, more things to dust, clutter clutter clutter.  Nope.

Since returning home and walking big Finn boy in the park again, it's been an eye-candy bonanza with the trees, omg...explosive color.

picking up leaves in the park with Finn
Finn's a shopper now too!
So I thought hey, ok, let's make that leaf catcher wall hanging thingie because it's an easy, inexpensive decor craft to make in a flash and who knows, we'll see. *shrug*

So I did.

Here's what you need:
  • handful of fall leaves in bright colors
  • a stick or dowel
  • glycerin*
  • string, thread, or twine*
  • any other embellishments such as grasses, as desired
leaves and glycerin
Now note, you can vary up everything here:

...the string or twine, use thread, use embroidery floss, clear twine,* use whatever you want or have on hand.

...use a piece of bamboo as the magazine suggested to hang everything off.  Use a freebie stick like I did.  Use a wood dowel.  Use a wood spoon.  Rebar.  Whatever you'd like.

The glycerin is the key for this, my only expense, so I was out four bucks on this project total.  You can use beeswax* I understand too.

In reading up on the best thing to use though, glycerin holds colors better plus it's waaayyy less messy, less of a hassle for a leaf sun catcher wall hanging thingie.  But, downside, the goo does take three to six days.  I know.  Sorry.

So once you've assembled everything you're using, and in going the glycerin route, grab a bucket.*

leaves in bucket
Leaves in a bucket go round and round.
Pour the glycerin into it and pour in some water.  It's a two to one ratio:  two parts water to one part glycerin.  As I had four ounces of goo, I added eight ounces of water.  Stir it around.

Drop the leaves in that bucket and weigh them down so they're completely submerged.  Wave at it, come back in three to six days.  I know, this is a major plan-ahead project.

submerging the leaves in glycerin
Extra bucket atop and a hunk of 4x4 weighing them leaves down.  If you go this route, be careful to not push down too hard or all the liquid will spurt out.  Guess how I know.
Pull your leaves out and either lay them out to dry or dry them off.  They probably need an extra few hours or a day to set up.  I came back to them a day or two later out of no-rush choice given my tardiness in being seasonal.

leaves drying from glycerin and water soak
Now the fun part, assembly!  

Truly you can do this any-which-ever way you want.  I am merely your artsy craftsy guide here.

leaf sun catcher wall hanging thingie assembly supplies
I set down my stick, grabbed a length of regular jute twine and tied it to the stick.  Grabbing a leaf, I then tied the twine around the leaf stem.  You can hot glue* it for added security if you'd like.  Or cut the stem, just use the leaf and hot glue it on.

starting assembly of leaf sun catcher
If you've got embellishments, stick them in and on as you see fit.  I grabbed some fluffy grassy bits at the park (I know, I probably looked like a serious oddball while walking the dog) then tucked them in at the top and in with a couple of leaves.

In total, I ran three strings down.  Ideally, vary the twine lengths, the sizes and colors of the leaves, and leave a spot of space between each dangling length.

Now just go hang it up!

leaf sun catcher in window glowing
Use a clear suction cup* on a window and an extra piece of twine at the top to hang it from or if you're heading for a wall, use a nail or Command Hook.*

leaf sun catcher wall hanging on wall
And tada!  Voila!  Fancy pants indoors fall with a leaf sun catcher wall hanging thingie!

close up of leaves on sun catcher in window
As Finn is Destructo-Dog at most every window he can reach, well, every window then, I eventually hung it on a wall.  And I gotta say, I kinda really like it despite being rather seasonal decor averse!  We'll see how long it, or I, lasts!

DIY fall leaf sun catcher hanging on wall
Mike hasn't even noticed it.  It's right by the dang tv too.  Unless he has, but he hasn't said anything.

close up of colors of the fall leaves
Have fun with this!

fall DIY leaf sun catcher wall hanging thingie

*The glycerin, jute twine, and hot glue are Amazon affiliate links.  The clear twine is a Joann Fabrics affiliate link.  The beeswax is a Michaels affiliate link.  The bucket and suction cups Lowes affiliate links.  The Command Hooks are a Home Depot affiliate link.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.


  1. I love it,how long does the color last in the leaf?

    1. Thank you! So far they still have color a week and a half after I made this. Admittedly not as bright but definitely color.


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