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Saturday, February 12, 2022

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Huh, it's been a long stitch since I've brought you some good reads from the internet so let's get to surfing the web fantastic.  Besides, it's brrr cold outside, or loopy cold outside here anyway, so snuggle in for some reading pleasure.

First, since it's a new year and commonly folks make resolutions...that generally fall by the wayside are 100 Ways to Slightly Improve Your Life Without Really Trying from The Guardian.  

Some really great ideas there.  Worth a return read throughout the year as a reminder too.

Saddling up next to that and coming back 'round to incorporate home and garden, DIY, home improvement stuff, House and Garden brings us The Inextricable Link Between Decoration and Mental Wellbeing.  Everything's tied together, my friends, it's all one thing, man.

Dewalt screw gun and pocket hole screws
In the Tips bin of fantastic web surfing, here are several quite handy ones you'll want to save:

All the Clever Ways You Should Be Using a Bar of Soap Around Your House via Lifehacker.  Some you might already know but some, damn, huh.

Another from Lifehacker, 15 DIY Shortcuts That are Sure to Make Your Home Repairs Easier.  Boy, they sure do like lengthy titles.  But, some valuable tips in there regardless.  

That article prompted a Menards run for spray silicone lubricant* actually, similar to WD-40, see what that fuss was about.  It did not free a stuck window in Mike's office though, disappointingly enough, but it did improve our sticky front door lockset insides.

One more from Lifehacker, boy they're on a roll lately, 12 Ways You Are Making Your House Look Cheap and Tacky.

Now wait, before you click.  Know I am not judging you or your tastes.  If you like anything in the article, I am all for it for you.  Design, our homes, interiors, they're very personal and they should be reflective of who you are regardless of any person's opinions.  

The reason I'm sharing is because it's an atypical variation on these listicles in that it has some genuinely valid points, in a (mostly) non-judgmental manner.  Unlike the vast majority of these in the same genre/vein which are far too judgy and unhelpfully, demeaningly opinionated.

Heh, it said word art is out which Yay! (IMO) but Antisigns will never be out, IMO.

Antisigns from The Antisign Shop
An organizing decluttering tip from Apartment Therapy, Why You Should Replace the One In One Out Cleaning Strategy ASAP.  The title is very click-bait-y but the tip is worth the read and I'm going to incorporate it myself.

rolling on black paint

In the Black Paint department:

Then HomeEdit has 20 Black Kitchens that Will Change Your Mind About Using Dark Colors, if I haven't done that for you already.  Our eh kitchen is still black and I still love that it is.  I am dying to tear apart the kitchen.  I loathe its tile floor.  (Sorry, babe!)

Last black paint, for today anyway, Architectural Digest has The Moody Black Bathroom Is In -- And We're Here for It.  That redwood paneled one, ohh emm gee, omg.  Want.

Black is never out though.

Chicago from the Hancock 95th restaurant

Let's hit some architecture in general:

I keep meaning to roll through this site further, this McMansion Hell site.  Here's an intro; the issue is pervasive around the country, and he ain't lyin':  Suburban Chicago McMansions Follow A Dark Logic Even I Do Not Understand.  Yeah.

Packing my bags, I'm moving here:  A Remote Chilean Cabin Appears to Float Above the Forest Floor, from Dwell.

Or maybe I'm moving to one of these:  Top Ten Sustainable Cabin Designs for 2021 from Yanko Design.

The website Porch so kindly invited me to respond to a question for their How Pandemic Has Changed Architecture and Interior Design:  The Experts Point of View (I'm an expert again, woot!) so please see what I, and others, had to say.

hot dog and fries from Fatso's Last Stand
In the it's-entertaining department:

One of my (recently discovered) relatives' former castle is for sale in Scotland.  Mmm, if I were to buy it, methinks it'd need some interior design modifications though the bones are definitely there.  Hahaha!

One last from Lifehacker, Make Your Very Good Dog Their Own Tool Bag.  Considering how much Finn follows me around, he is my Trusty Furry Assistant after all, I just might!  Get ready big boy!

Whew, that's a lot!  And I have so much more I wanted to share too!  I didn't realize I had collected that much.  Ok, another soon then.

Oh, what do all these images have to do with this post?   Nothin'.  They're recent shots you can find by following Flipping the Flip's Instagram account, or over at The Antisign Shop, and even from The Bake Dept's IG.  

Happy internet-ing!

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