My Six Buck Wood Scrap Table.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

So I made a little table, see.

And it only cost me six bucks to make, see.

Yeah, no joke!  Six whole bucks.

It might not make much sense how my brain works but here's how this wee table came about....Mike says my last post was too lengthy so I'll try to be briefer this time.

'Member I reorganized, revamped, and cleaned up my workbench area?  Heh, that's how it started.  Well, because after that wrapped up I finally cleaned up and organized the rolling table...

rolling table built from door
Whoa.  Like way tidy.  I can find things?!  I know what's there?!?!  No way.
...and then finally cleaned up and organized my stumpy wood collection.

organized wood scrap storage
Hey, tidy!
In a bin is where I keep smaller scraps, bits that ya know, seem too big to toss out or have potential to growns up into something else.  Ok fine, bits I just can't throw away because I'm a packrat.  Hi my name is Becky and...

bucket of wood scraps
It is not ever this empty normally.  See above.  Here I had begun rifling.
Piles of scrap were piling up in other locations which I could not handle, so I started rummaging through the bin to see what could be tossed.

Have you seen those spiffy scrap wood tables, usually made of 2x and such?  Yeah, they're pretty cool.  So as I'm sitting on the cold cold basement floor (why?  I dunno) I think to myself, 'aaaayyyy, why not take some a' these here scraps, use 'em up, and make a tiny table top?

Because too, heh, I rearranged the bed in the hall bedroom.  (I'll show you that later, no worries.)  I therefore had to take down the wood shelf.

Turning the bed the other direction and into the corner was a bit of a revelation.  I didn't think it possible but by doing so, the room suddenly appeared and felt so much larger.  Like shockingly larger.

I mean, sure, how large can a 7'-9" x 12' room feel?  And sure, it's a cramped entry, an unusually narrow pathway in especially with a floofy comforter on the bed, but screw it, I'll trade that for appearances.

But I thought, well hmm, I should think about some kind of bedside table now, right?  So that's where this table came from.

Real easy peasy lemon squeezy to make.  I did not (surprise) do any planning which mmm, I must say, might be a helpful thing to do but if you don't, that's ok too.

Here are my materials:
Yep, that's it.

The money spent was on the rebar, a buck and a half per.

While digging through the bin, I stood pieces next to each other that fit with a flat end down.  Now, I should have done this on the table as everything then had to moved to be glued; so don't be like me, instead assemble on a table.

arranging scrap wood
Doh.  Why'd I do this on the floor?!
Handy tip:  lay down a couple a' sheets of wax paper in case glue leaks so your project doesn't stick to the table top.  Uh huh, good tip, yeah?

But if you don't assemble on a table first, what I did was separate the scraps into groups and moved groups up for gluing so as to not disarray my lovely assemblage.

gluing pieces together

The glue, yeah.  I'm not sure I'm feelin' this glue.  I mixed it much thicker this time in an effort to minimize leaks.

Do note if you don't have plastic resin glue, don't panic.  Surely you could use regular wood glue* or Gorilla glue.*  I had the stuff, figured I may as well use it, give it another whirl, ya know?

And so I did.  I tried to use it on the sparingly side and away from edges so it wouldn't squeak out.

Once everything was together, some creative clamping took place, set and forgot until the next day.

clamping glued scrap wood
Yes I used the glue bucket as a clamp.  And?
Ugh, alas, mixing thicker didn't matter.  Glue squeezed out everywhere anyway.  So frustrating.

dried arrangement of scrap wood
Ugh.  Seriously.  I may be done with this glue.
As part of the big clean out, my folks let me take their rotary tool kit.*  I was excited for all the extra tool parts.  Sadly, after grinding off glue for a minute or two, shutting it down, then attempting to turn it back on again, the thing died so I used the rotary tool* I already had.

Which is fussy as well; it has a switch issue.  It's a Ryobi.  I wouldn't advise that rotary tool brand.  Or granted, my tool is several several years old.

cleaning up the glue
Finally got to use my dad's vise!  Yay cool!
Anywhooo, after grinding away at the glue, it's all cleaned up.

cleaned up table top
Mmmk, glue all cleared off!
So I smeared on that paste wax.

paste wax on scrap wood
After letting it set for a few, it was buffed and then ready to be a table top.  Sweet!

Thankfully I was randomly smart in my un-planning as there were two pieces of 2x2 near almost center.  Wow, how'd I manage that?

Grabbing another spare piece of 2x2 and way guessing on angle and placement, I drilled out 1/2" diameter holes with a paddle bit* for three rebar legs.  Totally guessed.  Did not bother with the math thing.  Just went at it.  Ya know, keep with the no-plan theme and all.

creating table base out of rebar

Some Gorilla glue to make the legs stay in and be a lil' steady, I walked away.

Next day, came downstairs, everything was stuck and stable enough, so I flipped the leg contraption over, gluing it into the fortuitously unplanned spot.

Next day again heh, upon bringing the table up upstairs I discovered it was tippy.  Ok, no worries, I still had room underneath so I fashioned up another block and drilled out for a fourth leg.

attaching rebar legs
Heh, looks a smidge silly goin' on under there but hey, whatev's dude, it works.
And bam.  Done!

I had picked up some plastic foot cap thingamajigs but because of the rib on the rebar, could not get them on.  That leaves me hoping no one (Finn!) bumps the table, scratching up the floor.

Finn sniffing finished table
Hey!  Watch that ginormous nose big boy!  Heh.

view of finished table
Trying for some good light here since we're heading into the depths of no sun until May.
Kinda cute, yeah?

finished table in guest hall bedroom

I need to figure out some kind of bed skirt, whoo-ha, somethin' for the hall bedroom bed.  It is butt ugly as is.  Hm.

finished table

In the mean time, two bigger projects are gearing up.  Yay finally, right?!  I have first-floor-bathroom-recovered, it is time.  Stay tuned, my friends!

closer view of finished wood scrap table

*The plastic resin glue, wood glue, Gorilla glue, paste wax, rotary tools, and paddle bits are Amazon affiliate links.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.


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