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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ok, I've promised this one twice now so I gotta deliver.  Yes, I will get back to those first floor bathroom cabinets, promise that too.  Man, I've got so much to do!!

And goodness, I see I started this eons ago....

It's a new year (ack jeez louise, now it's June, holy embarrassing).  I, for some reason, every January it seems, get a monster itch to organize, reorganize, tidy up, and clean out, thin the herd.  It's not a resolution I make.  I don't make resolutions.  A well-marketed itch I suppose.

Well, really, if I'm to be truly honest, that major itch hits every few months.  The targets change.  As now my workbench is demanding an overhaul redo.....

Back in the basement, (man I spend an inordinate amount of time in our basement, goodness) I've been pacing about, trying to figure out how to improve the usefulness of the limited space yet again.

In a lame attempt to store wood, stick lumber, pieces, scraps and bits out of sight, I stacked them on the top shelf behind the curtains.  Not really the greatest place as a.) can't see nor reach much, b.) it's all stacked on itself, c.) it's a mess, and d.) a hassle to yank anything out.

Plus there's wood laying on the floor.  Plus there was trim laying on the make-shift table.  Junk stacked in the window sill.  I mean, stuff.  Everywhere.  Bad.

mess before
Beeeefore.  A compact mess, a mess nonetheless.  Such sublime poetry.
That make-shift table is the door I removed from the hall bedroom (Huh.  I see allergies have whacked again at the same time.  Whaddya know.  Yay.) (By the way, this is my one* and two* punch combo that works near perfectly if caught ahead of time but helps tremendously if I'm too late) and it's been far more useful as a table than a door.  Heh.

A door sitting on metal sawhorse thingamajigs.  So in examination, posed, arms crossed, hand cupping chin I thought, hey, why not stick a few pieces of 2x4 under there and load it up with the scattered-everywhere-disorganized wood.  Then I thought eeehh, what if I need to move the whole set up as on occasion, I do.

Then!  Then it hit me, use up some of the wood I have laying around to make legs for the door thereby eliminating a portion of the mess, plop it on casters, and make storage underneath.  Hey!  Yes!  Win-win all over the darn place!

I mean granted, this table set up was supposed to be temporary and not take up the whole dang basement but well, ahem, it has.  And it's not going anywhere.  And Mike seems to have resolved himself as much too.  Poor guy.  Twinge of guilt here.  But it's for the betterment of all.

Half hour after this heart-stirring revelation, I'm to Menards and back.  Quick, yeah?  Yeah, well, it was four in the afternoon.  On uh, New Year's Eve.  Hey, don't judge.  I was not the only one shopping, so there.

I only needed some spiffy casters,* six to be exact.  Two locking and the remaining free, all swivel.  Oh and screws, out of screws.

casters and screws
Casters and screws.  Yep.  Way enthralling photo indeed.
So!  Ok!  Super simple really.

I measured the existing whoo-ha set up height I had going on and cut verticals to match, subtracting out of course for the caster height and the door thickness.  So yeah, math.  Ouch.

As I was making three rolly polly leg units, next I chopped up three pieces of 2x the width of the door and attached those atop the leg pieces, creating a squared off C shape.

cut 2x4 wood
Speaking of enthralling photos, here's what 2x4 looks like when it's been cut!
Then lo, I ran out of 2x4.  What?!  I know!  Could not believe it.  Gah, I was sooo close!  I thought I had like stacks and stacks!  Heh, clearly not so I had to run back out for One More Stick.  Ack!  Buying more.....I felt ridiculous considering the point was to use up and get rid of what I had around!  Omg.  Heh.

I did not go back again New Year's Eve as I didn't want to appear that lame.  Or I don't think I did.  Surely I went another day.  Hm.

Soooooo......After running out for one more stick, more subtracting to insert a cross piece leg support storage shelf-ish landing spot whatever I don't know what to call it part, chop chop, and screwed them together.

assembling side legs
A near completed leg unit thingie.
Rounding the bend to happiness, I attached the casters to the feetie ends then the leg pieces to the door.

attaching casters to bottoms
Mmm hm, casters on the ends.
In retrospect, after attempting to roll the table sans loaded down with the junk, I should have attached cross pieces perpendicular to the legs, running parallel with the door table top.

attaching wood door to legs
Doh!!  I think I originally attached the door to the legs from below only, hence this.  Junk pile awaits in the background.
That and well, not depend on a hollow core door that is hollow and poopy to attach things to, to screw through, to hold it all together.  But, this is me makin' it work with what's around.

All that was left was to load it up and then I was joyous.

finished rolling cart
All done!
Hey, it's not all pretty pretty fancy schmancy pants, but ya know what, it does the job and it does it well.  The wood and crap I had lazing about is now in one sole spot, freeing up space all around the basement.  What else could I ask for?  Ok, more stability but pfffft, small potatoes and easily remedied.

wood storage in rolling cart
Sure, I need to organize this better but hey, done is good.
What's more, this idea can really be flexed -- make it nicer out of nicer wood and uh better carpentry and bam, it's a great office storage cart slash work surface slash table for cheap.

rolling wood storage cart made with a door
Yay!  So helpful.  Hard to see but the ladder is now in the window sill which is perfect.
Fill the recessed areas with resin,* skim coat the top with it too and you've got a smooth level surface.

Use a weathered old reclaimed door and bingo, cool dining table that shifts around as needed.  Inside or outside!  Cut said door in half, make two smaller tables!  Oh!  Possibilities!

So the idea is there, it has sprouted, run with it my friends!

*The Nasacort, quercetin, casters, and resin are Amazon affiliate links.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.

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