2016: That's a Wrap.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wow, seriously, where the heck did this year go?  Where?  My goodness.  It feels just last week I was writing the Top Ten of 2015.  Seriously.  Where.

Shaking off that head scratching feeling...bbbllurrpp.

It was a busy year.  Of sorts.  Ok, so, not terribly busy.  Yeah, all right, I did not get much done at all, or lemme rephrase, not nearly as much done as I would have fancied.

Granted, I did work five months of the twelve so that kinda took up a hefty portion, mmm hmm five months, of my time.  Excuses excuses, huh?!

But let's check out what the top five posts were of 2016, as tallied by page views.   Why only top five when I listed out ten last year?  I'm fearing I didn't post enough.  Cough.  Ahem.  L for Loser.

Granted, again, I worked and too this year I went for the Big projects.  Full on with the large, the Big Scary Ones.  And those took time.  Lots and lots of time and effort.  And tears and panic moments and swearing.  So see?  Lots of time.  Mmm, sounds like more flimsy excuses.

Right.  Top Five!  Surely I will toss in some favorites at the end if they didn't made the cut:

Coming in at number 5...Hot Tips for Household.  Ah yes:  a weatherizing tip, how to fix a wonky bi-fold closet door falling off its tracks, a tension rod trick, and how I kept a shower curtain rod turned laundry drying rod from repeatedly crashing to the floor.

Taping those gaps around the ducting, sealing out cold between-floors air.
At number 4...The Master Bath Pocket Door Adventure.  Part II.  Well.  Speaking of Big Scary Projects.  This was, to me, hands down king of that heap.  By far the largest construction-related project I have ever done in my life.  Ever.  And I mean ever.

Generally speaking, still it's current state.  I know.  I'm sure it's aggravating Mike.
By far, truly the scariest.  Literally the most stressful.

By far, quite possibly the best, my proudest though.  That pocket door man, it rocks.  Ah ha, technically it rolls punny girl.  Oh boy, maybe I should go nap.

Yeah, I uh, still have to finish cleaning up the wall patching but hey, pocket door.  Pocket!  Door!

Number 3...Yard Works!  Heh, I'm still amazed Mike and I didn't murder each other that day, bury the dismembered evidence in the big gaping million mile deep clay hole in the ground.

Boy, were we pooped that day, my goodness.
It seems to have helped I will say, that big gravelly pit, but there have been a couple times the yard still flooded, water pooling on top of the gravel.  Needless to say, sad Becky.  But, happy Becky as the neighbor to the east is no longer angry with us.

Even though his water problem is his own doing.  Which he'll never admit.

Not one 'a my happier moments, seeing the flooded "walk" and water pooling on the gravel.  Nice weeds.  Gonna try corn gluten meal* next spring on those.
Number 2...How to Hang a Large Photo.  Plus:  Can o' Worms?  Open.  It is quite interesting taking a trip down memory lane all right, even if it was only a mere few months ago.

This is when I began ripping out the wall tile in the first floor bathroom and things went a wee haywire.  Overboard?  Haywire.  Ah, went a different direction, yes.

Oh right, the photo hanging.
But more importantly, a wall of drywall is missing.  Doh.  Oops.
It has since taken a happier turn and is finally, finally, nearing completion.  I know, right?!  How long did I whine incessantly about that bathroom?  Let us not count the ways.

And lastly, number 1...TV Wall Cabinet Shelf Console Thingie!  My first post of the year!  I was attempting to start the year off on a huge roll, a real fire under my butt, with a big bang.  Turns out this cabinet almost did go bang, but that was very much resolved.  Love those WallDog screws* man, I'm tellin' ya.

Woo hoo!  We love this thing.
Some of my favorite posts from the year?

My tool rant ranks right up there as a highlight from the year.  Tool manufacturers need to get a major clue.  They...      Oh, oh no, I feel the madness bubbling up again....ok, let's keep going.

Of course, Finn-related projects provided giggles for me.  Of course, all dog-related makes me happy.  Dog Slobber Splash Blocker and the Puppy Gate, yessir-y.  It was amusing making those and both projects solved needs quickly and inexpensively.

Stuff out of doors:  the garage workbench has me tickled still.  I haven't had a chance to give it a real workout, but oh, I will.  And the awning off the garage, hoooo boy do we enjoy the daylights (ah ha, awning, daylight) out of that thing.

In the mad race for Best Project of the Year, it's a near toss up for me.  Is it the pocket door?  Or is it the kitchen drawers?  I am thoroughly torn.  Both crowning points of achievement.  Both added such incredible functionality to our home, it's tough to say.

My free Nest post was a hoot to write.  Admittedly kinda in shock about that whole day there!  A free Nest?!*  Wow.  Blown mind still.  It has been great, sans that one ridiculously cold day.

Relaying the story of dry-running the new tile in the bathroom begs an interesting question.  In rereading it, I'm perplexed over who the real sh*t stirrer, the real troublemaker, the instigator, is in this household...is it me or is it Mike?  I'm starting to believe it's Mike.  Hm.  *chin scratch*

Regardless, sure am enjoying that new tile despite the dog fur tumbleweeds and husband dirt all over it.  White tile, what on Earth was I thinking?!  Anything is better than what it was.

Goodness though, I really left y'all in the lurch this year, barely posting, barely project-ing, barely sharing.  My humblest of apologies.  Fingers crossed this coming year will be brimming with much much progress.

I sure am thankful to you all, for reading and cheering me on.  Definitely the cheering on part.  Feel free to keep cheering me on.

I'll give you an update on the first floor bathroom as the last stretch of completion, I seem to be dragging my feet.  ← I'll gently rename that as "reviewing a design aspect."  Ahem.

I've got an entertaining and/or unpleasant and/or victory story coming for you as well (we'll see which adjective applies here shortly), oh and the kitchen shelf, so stay tuned!  I best check, revamp, and update my master list ahead of the new year too.

Best wishes to you and yours for a fantastic 2017!  Let's hope it's a banner year.  xo

Sure miss my pumpkin pie.  She's six months old here.
*The corn gluten meal, WallDog screws, and Nest thermostat are Amazon affiliate links.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.

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