Gearing Up!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ok, folks.  The end is nigh again.  I will be cut from work anywhere, anytime in the next two weeks, at any given moment.  So, yep, the ramping up of planning and scheming and evaluating lists is a-flurry.

Excitement abounds indeed!

All contingent upon my stupid shoulder being mended, of course.  Damn thing.  It feels like I (finally) turned a corner for the better two weekends ago.  Or at least I'm hoping that's what happened.  It still hurts.  Not as bad.  It still doesn't completely work.  But it is improving.

But see, it needs to understand I've got oodles of two armed things to do.  Like soon!  Like oodles!  Two arms!

On a positive note, my nails are holy long!  Wowie!  Longest ever I think, goodness they're amazing!  Oh no worries, they'll be snappin' off with wild abandon here shortly.  And I will be mighty sad.  Boo.

Apologies if that creeps you out.
But all right!  Heh.

First and foremost is ticking off that first floor bathroom.  I'm sure it's been driving Mike absolutely, thoroughly, and completely batty bonkers for five months, the incomplete shamble-y state it's in but he's been oh-so, ever-so kind in not uttering a single peep.  (Thanks babe!)  Hey, it's been making me nutso too -- I just want to get at it.

Plenty to do in here to get it basic done, oooopff oh my.  And of course, me, I've added to my list for this wee room because, can't help myself.

Current status.
What is left to do?
  • finish tile floor issue
  • drywall meets brick finishing
  • baseboard
  • storage cabinets and shelves where the tub was
  • prep walls then wallpaper 
  • new ceiling light fixture using that cool recessed can converter kit (I'm so excited about this fixture I bought, dancing in petite circles I am!)
  • switch/outlet cover replacement
  • a lick of paint
  • surely some art or something, finishing touches
Ooopfffff, seriously?  Yeah.  Seriously.  Yeowza.  No small things.  Go big or go home.

But hang in there for this one; it will be one heck of woozy doozy eye-popping awesome by the time I'm done with it.  Yeah huh!

Right.  Or!  Or.  I might finish the opposite wall in the kitchen first because that'll actually be a quickie.  Generally blanketly speaking.  Of course.

Wait, whaaaat?  How would that be a quickie??, you query.  Aahhhhhh, I love our construction crews, that's how!

"You are cleared for liftoff," Mike said about this iteration.  Drawers!  Look at all the drawers!!
I inquired of their willingness to construct, and yep, yay!  So I fine tuned the design, printed it off, and away they went!  Woo damn hoo for sure!

As I type this, they are hard at work assembling this for me.  I know, right?!

Did I take the pansy way out?  Sure, maybe.  Ok, yes.  But to be honest, without having internet-searched drawer construction, the math alone was crushing my brain.  So, this is truly for the best, trust me.

And, it clears my schedule to tackle other projects!  Yay!  And wow, we get drawers soon!  Super soon!  Oh my, drawers!  Drawers!!  I am all lightheaded!  Drawers!  Tears of joy.

Heh, so easily delighted.

Then the next task might be the stair.  Might.  Now, Mike did say he was going to help with this.

Current stair status.  Pardon the furry state.  Hey, never home.
What's been plaguing my wee addled brain are the construction-grade 2x pine treads once all the cheap a** crappy carpet is peeled off.  (Aside:  I truly cannot handle stepping on those darn freakin' carpet staples a minute longer.)

A runner was purchased which whew, only took three years to find, ya know, per usual of course.  Kicking around tread idea after idea after stupidly expensive idea after hairbrained idea after Pete-the-Realtor-would-kill-me idea but sigh, none satisfactory.

SoooOOOoo.  Exasperated after sending yet another idea off to Mike, I said fine, you offered to help, let's just Go Big, dammit.

Did I mention this idea?  Did I?  I can't seem to find it filing back through old posts so maybe I casually omitted it out as wow, it is big and I resigned it too big to become reality.

One evening Mike and I were house stuff chatting over a year ago or so and I said "ya know babe, in my dream world I'd love to....."

Yes.  I did this to myself.

"....I'd love to yank out the risers, take out the drywall below [which is the ceiling for the basement stair] and have it be an open staircase."

First he looked at me all head-tilt deranged.  Or, rather, that I was deranged.  Then he looked at the stair.  Back at me.  Stair.  Me.  "Wow babe, that's what we should do."

And lo, we never spoke of it again.

Until, fed up, I emailed him the other day and said "Babe.  Let's just do that."  I'll put the runners I now can't return in the upstairs hall and come up with a good looking non-slip scheme for the treads that are still undetermined finish-wise.

(Or maybe we end up destroying the treads in removal and we need a whole new tread.  Aw boy.  Anywhooo.....)

In actuality, I sent him this example picture plus another and his response:  "those are cool."

So.  We shall see.  Right?  Yep.

I did purchase two staple pullers in an effort to speed that nightmarish chore.  Two.  See what I did there?  Uh huh.  For two people.  Yes.

Mike did mention the project the other day so it is on his radar, in that cute noodle of his, "you know what this entails, right?"  I am uncertain if he was looking for assurances or reassurances or testing my sanity.   I may need a plan B.

Those three right there would be heavyweight tackles on The Big Scary Projects list, as was my goal to face the fears at the beginning of 2016.  Or was it 2015?  Heh.

Now I find myself towards the end and feel panicked I haven't done enough.  Hopefully that will change, and rapidly, after I take about four hundred naps.


Finn's current status, enjoying his floofy pillow and the couch.  Happy Two Year Adopt-iversary, big boy!
I have indeed been stocking like a fervent little squirrel for winter, so expect a couple a' Variety Packs and goodness who knows what.  If the weather holds up, maybe I can tick an outdoor project or two off that list I hadn't accomplished, otherwise it's indoors 'til spring for me.  Brrr!

See you all real soon!

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