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Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I am just, mmm hm, havin' a rough roll of getting back into the swing of things around here at the ol' abode.  Not sure what it is.  It's a serious snail's pace start to the year in comparison, sheesh, I am lame!

Catching up on stuff and junk, yet wiped out still?  Sorta, it seems.

It did take me a while to get all twenty of those boxes together.  (Beer flight holder thingies have been requested next.  Yay!)

Taking care of small uninteresting fixes?  Yeah.  Though you'll hear about them soon I'm sure.

The weather?  Or lack thereof?

Maybe it's the weather -- I do have a long list of things I'd like to be doing out of doors but the weather, nope, just ain't cooperating.  It's been chilly and rainy and cold and snowy and gray and I think that's dampening my general overall go get 'em-ness.

C'mon spring weather, check yourself!  Snowing in April....I mean, c'mon, pllllttttt, no.


In the Who's Honoring Me Now arena:  holy cats and dogs people, I was interviewed for the site Renovation Junkies, and oh!, oh so flattered!  Ohmigosh.  Still blushing!  I can't even begin to tell you how flattered I am.  Here's the link!

And just so's ya know, for the first and likely only time ever, you'll see a photo of me.  Yep.

James, the site owner, inquired after around-the-house photos and I thought huh, it'd be cool if I did a post showing you before and after photos or rather, as all is now, like all in one spot before I launch off into a flurry of house redoing activities.

Ya know, just for fun, see how far things have come along.  It's one thing to click on "all the changes" and read through it, another to see photos next to each other, amiright?  Maybe it'll light a fire under my butt too!

Without further's picture book time!  If you get lost, and it seems I am jumping around, see the plans tab for a guide.

I apologize profusely in advance for the horrid befores.

dining room before
Before.  Ack.
The above is what the flipper staged as a den of sorts.  They had a swell fake television on the wall to the left above that chintzy half round table.  Hilarious part about that suggestion?  There's no outlet on that wall for a real television.  At all.

dining room after
Oddly, and shockingly, this room has not changed one iota since it turned into a dining room.  I know.  I can hear Mike scratching his head from here.  And I can't find that previous post about my constant rate of changing things.

The pantry?  Or honestly I have no idea what they thought this cave-like room was supposed to be.

beginnings of pantry before
Oh awful and scary and oh wow that is obscenely awful.  Sorry.
pantry after
Close to today, albeit a wee tidier here and we no longer have our pal Scott's compressor in the pantry.  
The main floor bath.  Ah the limbo of the main floor bath.  Well.  Hm.

first floor bathroom before
Oh jeez louise.
And here's where I've left off...

progress on the first floor bathroom
Yeaaahhhhh, a bit um unfinished and Mike is on my case about it a bit, but that's ok.  Or, it's ok until he starts really getting on my case then I actually have to finish it.  Ahem and cough.

My office?  Heh, totally poles apart!

my office before
I gotta get me one a them fisheye lenses that makes every room look infinitely larger than reality.
my office after
Today!  Way different, yah?

kitchen before
kitchen after
Holy night and day.
Wow.  I mean, yeah.  The kitchen tends to leave me speechless, the massive flip of a flip.

Below we have the living room before.  Oooh my goodness.  Those horrifying diamonds on the wall -- there's one behind the floor lamp there.  Oh my goodness.  I'm gagging.  This might've been the worst room to start.

living room before
Wow, forgot about that lame not plumb railing!  So, before.
Now, today...whew, infinitely better despite the rainy dreary gray day.  Yay photo editor!  Not done this room, but it's way improved.

living room after
Ahhhhh, much better.  Yes, he is that huge and tall.  And yes, dog toys abound.
The foyer...

another view of living room before
That's the closest they got to showing it.  Which heh, is not at all.
another view of living room after
Hey!  Guess what?!  A far cry from before!
Ya know, this post is getting a tad lengthy, or it's about to.  How about this post has the first floor and I'll do a second floor next time.  Wah wah, I know, sorry!

But goodness me, my, wow, I guess I really have done quite a bit of work on the house.  No wonder I'm pooped.

You may wonder, why the heck did you buy this house if you were going to make so many damn changes?  Well, heh, truly I had no idea I was going to make this many.  And I still have plenty to go too.

As you can tell though, the house needed this.  Desperately.  Turns out I was the one to salvage it from its misery.

One last photo though as my sweetie girl has been at the forefront of my mind as of late.  Sure do horribly miss that pea.

cute picture of Hailey


Ok, next time, the second floor.  And yeah, feeling a smidge more motivated now.  I'll start by reorganizing my list.  Maybe.

Here, skip to part two by clicking this!

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