Fun on the Web, aka Link Day. (Not Lame!)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Yeah, I know.  Sure seems lame but I promise this'll be a worthwhile trip around the web!  Bear with me...I'll be back soon.

Hard at work, workin' that AutoCAD.*
All righty, clap clap, let's see, where to begin?!

Home Inspection Nightmares, XVII from This Old House.  Aw boy.  See, it could be worse, right?!
Heh.  Sometimes I wonder....

Courtesy of Cococozy, 6 Ways to Decorate with Black Walls.  Ugh those are stylish, it hurts.  Paint everything black!!

Similarly, Why Dark Walls Work in Small Spaces from Design*Sponge.  Mmm hm.  Exactly.  I did cheerleader moves in my seat while reading that.  And I was never a cheerleader so, don't.

Hallways in Technicolor from Abigail Ahern.  Did you guys see that one?!  Hoooo my goodness.  Drool.  Hoooooooo wow.

This is quirky but entertaining nonetheless:  9 Houses That Look Normal on the Outside But are Anything But on the Inside.  Heh, wild.  That New Orleans one belongs to Lenny Kravitz who has an eye candy line of stuff at CB2 now.

Mike caught me flipping through that catalogue and he got nervous.  I must've spent too long poring over it and clearly was rather hushed while perusing.  Mostly really because I was so shocked at how cool some of the stuff was.

Take those goodies, mash it with Abigail Ahern and bam, heaven.

6 Stylists Spill Secrets about Decorating over on Apartment Therapy.  Interesting read. (It was good, the link is now broken.)

18 Modern + Minimalist DIY Decor Ideas for Aquarius.  Ok, I know that's mighty specific because I am an Aquarian but there's a link in there for one idea per other sign.  But some of these might spur you into creating something which is good regardless.

I'm sure you've seen this a bazillion times but it can be a helpful pin-it-to-win-it cheat-sheet.  By no means are any of these rules, and by no means at all should you follow ANY rules.  Dammit.  But 37 Must-See Cheats that Will Help You in Your Next Home Interior Project.  NOT rules but some valuable tidbits sprinkled in there.

I spied these awful cool tiles lingering on Patrick's desk, the set decorator buyer, at work last week.  Turns out they're resin film tiles that he had custom made for a ceiling installation over at the California Blue Line El station.  And you have got to, got to click on this link to see it.  I want that on one of our ceilings.  All of our ceilings?  

Seriously, if you don't click anything else in this post, at least click to see his work.

Did you see this?  NASA is giving away space travel posters for free.  And they are FUN!

And speaking of space, I know I'm way late to the game (per usual), but are you following Astronaut Scott Kelly over on Instagram?  I realize he's back on Earth now but do scroll through his photos.  Astounding.  Truly.

Ran across this, How to Design a Curb-less Walk-in Shower and saved it.  Haven't read it yet but this was generally the idea I was planning for the first floor bathroom.  I'm holding onto this article to remind me to seek others as maybe we can make the idea work for our master bathroom someday.  That'd be cool.

Switching to dogs for a few....

I have not read this, Has Grief for a Dog Who Died Ever Overwhelmed You?, beyond the first paragraph yet, which my mom forwarded to me, and based on her comments I will cry like a mf'er.  (Excuse me.)  I will read it one day.  My mom says it will justify how I feel.

Another on the docket to read someday is The Dog I Could Not Let Go:  The Love Story I Couldn't Tell Anyone.  I started it, went through a whole box of tissues then had to stop.

Sounds like I'm torturing myself, huh?!

It dawned on me that my last day on The Exorcist pilot is the exact day two years ago that Hailey had her surgery.  Two years ago.  Jeez.  Smh.  That will be a mixed feeling day for sure.

Haven't read this yet either, Help Your Dog Cope with Fireworks (broken link), but there's a guide to download which I will be sure to do as we're teetering on fireworks season and I can't let Finny (all of us) go through that awfulness again.  (Here's another link with tips.)

Last dog related one, very dog heavy today huh....Since the weather is turning nicer, and even though it's a problem here in the city year 'round, just a friendly reminder to keep those pooches leashed.  For everyone's safety.  Here are several reasons why but there are plenty more.  Please please please share those and do not ever feel bad kindly asking someone to leash up.

Here's this tip in case you get bum rushed by a maniacal off-leasher.  I also carry a can of this* too, as recommended by a trainer.

My lil' lonely giant.  Poor guy, misses his Mommy.  Guess Mommy misses him too.
Where do I stockpile all these faboo articles to read later?  Pocket.  In browser and the apps.  Very handy tool.

Well, hm, boy that ought to keep you busy for a bit, huh?

All righty, back to work.  See ya soon!

*The AutoCAD link is an AutoDesk affiliate link.  The citronella SprayShield stuff is an Amazon affiliate link.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.

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