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Thursday, October 8, 2015

So yeah gang, back to Saturdays are for only getting the basics done around the house, errands, laundry, bills, ya know, catching up while I'm working on this Showtime pilot episode.  (What's amusing about that first link, not, is I was at Menards this past Saturday getting boring stuff like yawn, toilet paper and they have a full-on display of Christmas crap up already again.  Full On.  Already.  Again.  Same time a year later.  Ummmm, still too soon people!!  Stop it!!!)  

About the only thing I've gotten done is trim all the plants down by the schmancy new deck in preparation for winter.  Sad face.  Need.more.deck time!

Yes, it's very extra special evident I need to tidy up and figure out some edging, yes I know.
I did spread and save seeds from many of the plants, just in case.  I tend toward brown thumb and I'd loathe for all these fabulous plants to croak on me.

Saved seeds,  In case of emergency.
But generally speaking, errands and laundry make for pretty boring stories to relay.  Right?  Right.

Oh, I did find this below in the park and couldn't resist as a decorative piece somewhere in the house.  It's currently in the library.

In the meantime, a mini-list is formulating on the side here and there as I peruse the internet nightly or calculatingly stare at stuff when home, heh, to go along with the big main list.  As I do.  Mostly because the main list is in my office and I'm mostly not near it.  Besides, I always have more than one running list at a time anyway:  paper, phone, head.  Maybe not *the* most organized approach but hey, works for me.

I've got several pretty spiffy smaller projects lining up.  And I'm back on figuring out a stair runner on a budget even though I found one and it's Mike approved which is almost harder than getting my approval!  Needing four, ugh maybe five, of those ($$$$) is currently the hang-up.

And the foyer light is back on my radar for some reason, probably because of the stair/the runner has moved towards the top of the to-complete-sooner-rather-than-later list.  This time as a DIY though.  On a budget.  I have an idea percolating involving brass pipe and concrete.

And then there's the main floor bathroom.  On a budget.  Heh!

The door pulls for the kitchen cabinets arrived and I am thrilled.  I'll construct a jig to get the holes in all the right places since our cabinets are abnormally bowed.

That also leads me to figuring out the opposite wall too which I have a general idea for but it needs more thought.  Mike scrunched his nose at my first drawing anyway.

This wallpaper is definitely getting purchased (maybe today!) (not at that price though) and going in the kitchen on the wall with the Hailey paw prints and likely above the upper cabinets.  Mike approved (shockingly)!!

Lots to think about and figure and that's only, gasp, a sampling!  Of course.  It never ends for me, right?  Heh, seriously.  It keeps me up at night.  In a good way.

Sooooo, as I'm predisposed, I thought I'd direct you around the interwebs if you've got some time to poke around.

Remember my excitement at the Leatherman bracelet?  Despite it being for men only, grrr.  Pffftt, way uncool in my book.  Anyway, someone reviewed it, said it's useless.  I suppose I should not be too too surprised.

I would move into this house in an instant.  As long as it was in Chicago of course.  ;)

Yellow ceilings?!  Awesome.  I love it.  Yellow is my favorite color.  Next to floors, ceilings are the largest plane in a room and they deserve to come out of their neglected state.

A confession?  I very nearly painted the ceiling of our upstairs hallway in the stair Lake Superior color to carry it through as it does end rather abruptly.  But.  I stopped myself as a.) Mike might freak, "you went too far!!  Too far you crazy person!!  Too far!!" flailing his arms about and b.) someday we'll sell and eh, that might be too...scary for some?  What's the word I'm looking for?  Off-putting?

Whatever.  It would be totally cool especially since the ceiling of the stair is Lake Superior.  Allllthough, Pete the Rock Star Realtor may force me to repaint it all just anyway soooo what's an extra bit o' ceiling until then?.....

Black paint?!  Oh yeah.  I love black paint, as you know.  I need to make a "black paint" category on the sidebar as I've done for other topics of heavy rotation (you may have to scroll down to see).

Here are good pointers on what black can do for you.

Here?  Disagree -- black is totally the easiest color to work with.  It's black, c'mon.  Fear   hard to work with.  Points 1-3?  Pffft, no.  #4 I'm ok with so long as it's not a strict, you-must-only thing, and  #5, be conscious of light in a room?, that goes for any room no matter the color.

Then Elle Decor redeems themselves with this push for black.

Missing my workbench, indeed I am.  Longingly I side glance at it as I pass heading for the laundry room, sigh and alas.  Then I see this and think oh ugh now I'm really missing my workbench!  And oh Ugh all the cool things a workbench could have!  Can I turn the whole basement into a giant workbench workshop room?!?!  I feel the Mike Glares from miles away.

On a different tangent, creating a dog (or pet) emergency card for your wallet is a stellar idea.  I need to do that though I don't carry a wallet nor a purse (I have one of these*).  I keep hoping I'll find the perfect app for my phone.  Also as that article points out, make sure you have a rescue sticker clearly posted at home so emergency responders can see it.  Many vets here in Chicago offer them for free -- check with yours.

Lastly, here's Finny boy, finally enjoying going for car rides.  Yay!  Coming up on the one year big lug adopt-iversary this month.  Maybe I'll bake him a doggie cake!

Update:  Please please please pretty please come vote for my 99 Cent Shelf over on Instructables!  Click here (voting has ended), the "vote" is in the upper right of the posting. I'll love you forever!  xoxo!

*The Incipio Stowaway wallet phone case thingie is an Amazon affiliate link.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab above for more info.

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