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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I sense it's been a spell since I've proffered updates on past projects.  You may be wondering, so I am here today to fix that.

This past Saturday, got a lot done.  Ahhhh, so nice.  What a sunny gorgeous day it was too.  As such, I suspected there was a hair of a chance my sweets and I, oh and Mike too (ha ha) would be hanging outdoors that evening therefore making the yard a smidge less offensive was on tap.

Finally, finally, finally got the cushions done for the chairs.  Of course, what do I see at Menards later that day?  Cushier cushions for probably less than I spent making these.

So festive, yeah?
Ah well.  So it is but hey, the nah-nah is that I chose this happy fabric.  Yeah?  Trying to salvage a silver lining, heh.

Anyway.  Mowed the weeds.  Pulled a grocery bag's worth of 'em out.  Not that you'd ever notice a difference.  But seriously though -- lawn mower makers?  Hey, FYI:  girls mow lawns too.  Make it easier to start your darn mowers, please.  You have the technology.  It doesn't have to be hard.

Cleaned up the garage yet again.  It sure gets outta control fast somehow, sheesh.

Put address numbers up on the alley side of the garage.  I had once read a blurb about a woman who ran into some trouble in an alley, called for help and she was findable thanks to address numbers she spotted on a garage.  True story or not, no idea but no harm no foul in putting up a coupla' sticker numbers, right?

And as it turned out, we did lounge outdoors Saturday night.  Sans scaredy-cat sweets Finn though.  All it takes is one wee distant firecracker pop and he's bolting for the door, poor guy.  Storms?  No prob.  Firecrackers?  Shaking like a leaf.  He tucked into his favorite spot on the couch, I turned classical music on and gave him a nummy treat.

As we lounged, Mike commented in awe about how well our patio pavers have held up, not going all kittywampus on us.

But updates, right, updates!

So the ferns, my lovely free ferns.  They're growing-ish by the spiffy patio...

...but we're having some issues out front.  They started growing, some of them, but are now dying off.

The pineapple looking ones were growing, the pine cone looking ones are not.

don't know if Mike's terrible weed poison crap got into the ground then into my sweet delicate ferns and are choking their poor little necks or if something else is amiss.  Super sad face.

Maybe the shock of transplanting?  Ideas anyone?  Obviously I don't know much about these.

We hadn't quite gotten around to tackling the front front area to implement any sort of improvement plan, but yesterday I got on it.

It's not gorgeous but it's better than plain and weedy.

I wish I had a front "before" to compare.  It was a barren mess so believe me when I say the front has come a looooooooooooooonnggg way.  LONG way.  Oh wait, heh, check out the top photo of the house way above.
The headboard?  Oh gosh, we love it.  Love love love it.

Weirdly though, blocks have been falling off over on Mike's side.  Part of Finn's nightly routine is to curl up around Mike's head, against the headboard.  I know, it's sweet and cute and adorable.

Maybe this Liquid Nails wasn't meant for two big strong boys.  Four blocks have lost their will to stick.  I just keep gluin' 'em back on, it's fine, no big whoop.

The replacement bath drain (repeat link, sorry)?  Working still.  Whew!  No leaks either.  But I'm keeping close tabs on it.

The master bathroom concrete counter top?  Love it.  Love love love that too.

My only problem is the sealer I had used.  Boo, it sucks.  Disappointment abounds.  Instantaneously we got water rings and spots.  I emailed the company saying (very nicely) your product is crap, you liars.  No response.  Gee, surprise.  I returned the remainder of the bottle to the store.

I dampened the counter so you could see the spots better.  They're there when dry too.
I'll have to do some research, see if I can get the water stains out.  I know, heh, I know, I said I was going all in on the concrete-ness of it but hey, what can I say, the water stains annoy me now.

Did I mention?  The DIY cutie nearly free planter pouches I stitched up survived the winter with flying colors.  Yes I know, now they need plants!

Aw jeez do those dead plants look so sad and pathetic!
Yarn art...amazingly that's still hanging up in our bedroom.  Will not speak of it again for fear of Mike piping up, "get it out!"

A color has been chosen for the stair walls.  Ah-finally.  Angels sing, clouds part, birds flock.

After a rotating cast of paint chips taped up there for what, oh, ever?!, plodding down the steps the other day I glanced to the right...boom, there it is.  Chosen.  Done.  Just like that.  It's called Lake Superior, so hey whaddya know, keeping the Midwest roots strong woot woot!  Heh.

Here's a preview for you.  Hello Finn!  Goodbye dog vomit yellow! Omg that carpet is so cheap a** and crap and awful.
Mike thoroughly opted out of paint color choosing assistance, so he best like it.  Lemme rephrase, he will like it.  It's bright.  It's happy.  It's the most in-your-face color I've plucked in a long time so I'm tickled.  Yes, I gave up on waiting for a stair runner first.  It'll be fine, trust me.

The DIY library rug?  Betcha you forgot about that little ditty.  It was starting to look like a bath rug so I stopped.  Lame-o.  Haven't gone back.  May abandon ship.  Not quite sure.

The kitchen.  That damn room plagues me every damn day.  What to do.  What to do?!?!  Arrggg!  Nothing has changed since I yanked the pathetic crown trim.

Listing photo.  Oh my eyes.
The more I think about painting the cabinets, the less it resonates.  Why?, you ask.

A.) paint wears off.  It just does.  *shrug*
B.) painting will dispose of the grain, creating one large flat painted surface.  No texture.  No pattern.  We have enough flat painted surfaces on the first floor.

So.  We'll see.  I dunno.

Although I just read a blog post about the pluses of painting cabinets.  So conflicted!

Trust me, I've been thinking and researching and thinking and seeking.  Based on some stuff I've read, I may give gel staining the cabinets darker a shot.  Ultimately, when I look at those cabinets as they are now, it's the berry red undertones that bother me most.  Well.  Aside from the overwrought traditional style.

I mean, seriously.  Thinking and researching.  Painting faux wood grain?  Glazing?  Bleaching?!  Veneer?!  Contemplated making my own cabinet doors even, how crazy am I, think think think, driving myself nuts, what to do with the opposite wall too?!  My personal Pinterest and my Humboldt Art Dept. Pinterest boards are chock full of ideas.  Sigh.

I mean.  Yeah.

It keeps me up at night.  No joke.  If this were anyone else's kitchen, bam, I'd have a zillion ideas.  But noooOOoo.  Not for ours.  But something must be done.  ASAP.  Time to stop yammering, time to start doing already.  Shut up and put up, yup.

Oh, I gave the foyer light fixture some thought and may attempt a DIY fixture.  I need to plan (ha!) and check into parts first.  I know, I just got this one but I think a different route will be much better.

Maybe I'll wait for this clever Estimake website to be up and running (it's not anymore).  Discovered it on the Twitters and all psyched for it indeed.  Go sign up!

Mike has asked me to create a wine storage rack, so I gotta come up with something.  Nothing fancy, he said.  Holder of wine bottles rack.

Of course all along the way as I go I'm generating a nice hefty laundry list of uncompleted small tasks in my wake.  At times "just wrap it up" is not one of my strongest suits.  Ok, more often than not.  Oddly and unfortunately, being aware of this shortcoming has not improved it.

So lots o' updates!  Lots ahead.  Stay tuned!

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