Crap. Concrete Countertop....

Saturday, January 10, 2015

You already know what's coming, don't you?


I ran over to my trusty Menards today to pick up some sealer for the countertop in anticipation of wrapping this whole vanity project within the week.

I have some of this same brand's Tile & Stone for our kitchen counters so I asked what the difference was between that one and the one I got.  Hey, it's Saturday, not the best day to be asking questions of the staff but two hurriedly said this stuff was better and more appropriate.  Ok, done then.

There's a ton of info out there in the internet ether about sealers and waxes and sealers and sealers.  It gets confusing but I gather there are essentially two different kinds:  impregnators and surface sealers similar in finish to a polyurethane.  And I guess, from what I read, neither one is perfect.

I knew I didn't want a surface sealer as I kept reading they crack and chip, don't hold up.  Plus, eh, the finish, eh, nah -- I didn't want a poly-like coating on my concrete.  I'd like for my concrete to be as concrete-y true-to-itself concrete as possible, if that makes sense.


So I'm walking up the stairs back at home, trusty furry assistant Finn hot on my heels and I'm thinking, well, the concrete is still pretty spotty.  How do I feel about that?  It's not the greatest but maybe with the sink on it and everything in, it'll be fine.  I mean really, do I want to pour another one?  Mmmm, not particularly.  I'm not thrilled with the spottiness but, well....

Here's how it looked earlier today.
You'd think I was going up like four flights of stairs with that internal conversation going on.

Ok, let's seal it up and see how it looks.  Ok.

So, ok.  Time to get that sink block part out.  I started with the wood mallet but the head kept popping off and bouncing around the room.  Hmmph, the block is not backing out very well.

Hm.  Probably should have removed it the same day as the form.  Somehow.  Carefully, I thought.  This right now?  Far from ideal.  As chunks start popping off of the underside.

So it moves about an 1/8" out after banging away at it.  And I mean banging.  Great way to get rid of any anger or aggression you may be harboring, by the way, just in case.  FYI.

Just as I'm getting fed up with the slow progress, I see hairline cracks.

The smaller crack.
O. m. g.  No.  Please no.  Please?  Please no.


The bigger crack.
At this point tired of chasing the mallet head around the room for the hundredth time, I get a metal hammer.

Yep.  Dumb.  But either way....

I did finally get the block out!  Yay!


Former little crack, now bigger, all the way around and completely through.
Aw jeez louise.  Insert very long string of curse words here.  (sorry Mom)

I sat and stared at it, hoping all this wasn't true.  But it is.  I haven't cried but I might yet still, we'll see.
Formerly bigger crack, now way huge ginormous gaping big cracked broken.  
So now I'm at a crossroads.

Do I sorta patch the cracks knowing that the whole counter will be resting on the vanity?  That big crack goes completely through, all the way around.  Would I even be able to patch it remotely nicely enough so that it's not glaringly ugly?

Ugh I feel queasy.

Or do I pour a whole new one?

One corner of the sink block part.
The sink block part is a smidge beat so I'll have to figure out how to fix that up and seal it better if I pour a new one.  The form itself looks in a reusable state.  I do have a whole unopened bag of concrete mix.

But ugh.

What to do?  What to do.  Sigh, as I sit here shaking my head.  I think the tears are a-brewing.  Of course this couldn't be just that easy for me.

I haven't decided.

I have a sinking feeling of what will happen next, aside from maybe tossing this one out the second floor window, but I haven't decided.

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  1. OH NO! That sucks! I would have let out the big string of cuss words too. =( If you decide to pour another one, which at this point it looks like you are going to... maybe you could test out the sealer/impregnator stuff you bought on a piece of the old one to see what it does... maybe on some of the spotty area to see what it does?

    Good luck and sorry this frustration happened.


  2. Thanks Tania! Heh, very frustrating for sure but great thought to test the sealer! I was so caught up in the cracks I didn't think of that. Thanks for bringing me back to earth!


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