Touch-up's and Misdirection.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

So yeah, trying to gather up some motivation over here to get going on my new list.  It's like #MotivationMondaybutit'sTuesday.  Right.

Yes, I've finally assembled a list.  I look at it and it seems short.  Then I look at it again and I think, huh.  Wow.  What have I done to myself?  Why did we buy this house again?!  Oh right, so that we could make it ours and cool and stuff.  I created the list by an in-my-head virtual tour of the house so I doubt everything is on there.

Honestly, what I think it is, part of why I'm having trouble getting motivated?  The basement.  Everything is leading me back there....can't find a tool, must need workbench/organized tool area, must then clean out and tidy up and organize basement.  Can't find paint brush, must then clean out and tidy up and organize basement.  xyz, must then clean out and tidy up and organize basement.  I think you see where I'm going here and where I'm not going.  Ahh-voidance.

So today I thought, all right Unmotivated One, let's start with a small project, shall we?

Every project begins more or less the same way here:  we need more drinking glasses.  Get drinking glasses.  No room in cabinet, need more room.  Why not hang up stemware?  Ok.  Get stem ware rack*.  Find location for said rack.  Oh, didn't finish that project there.  Should finish that project.

I swear, crazy brain.  Right?!

Before I started this blog, I put up some shelves in what formerly was a window at some point, before us.  It seemed a waste of space and since we have so little useful space in the kitchen, shelves = good.  They're open shelves in order to keep light flowing in, but I'm not always a huge fan of open shelves.  I'm more of an anti-visual clutter person, preferring closed cabinets with everything inside.

My brother gave me that cool paw kit when Hailey was a puppy.  I get weepy looking at it every time.
Either way, I never did finish patching the holes and painting the pieces of wood I used as shelf supports.  I think at the time it was hot out, I was crabby, and in a hurry.  So I finished all that first.

Next up I installed the glass rack.  Interesting thing about the rack, which I didn't know, it came in two pieces.  Turns out that was perfect.  I made my pencil marks on the underside of the shelf, popped the shelf off, flipped it over and attached the rack to the shelf.  Pop the shelf back into place, empty one cabinet of stem ware, more room made for drinking glasses!  Yay!

So now I'm feeling good.  Ball is rolling.  Three small goals and/or projects complete.  Yesss.

Oh right, this vent down here on the floor under the cabinet, Finn's toys keep ending up here and he has excitedly beaten up the vent with his paws, busted the facing.  I should look at that.

We really don't like this vent.  This is the only place in the kitchen to stand and prep.  And then there's this vent blowing crazy hot or crazy cold air all over our feet.  Really uncomfortable.

You can't see it here in this original listing photo but it's to the left of the stove, under the corner cabinet.
I about cursed a stream of obscenities when I took that vent cover off.  I mean.....



Seriously?!  You have got to be kidding me.  What the....?  So there's a hole in the floor for the duct, then there's the metal thingie that's supposed to be in it directing the air flow but it's sitting next to it?  What the....???  So the duct never once was connected to the register???  No wonder all our pots and pans are so warm all the time.

Are you freakin' serious?  How on earth does this flipper and his roving band of hacks sleep at night?!  Seriously.  Omg.  Ugh.

The piece I pulled out.
This sh*t makes me nuts, pardon my French.  To be so..... to not even remotely care about doing anything resembling quality work, blows my mind.  Makes me mad.

I was thisss close to ripping out the whole kitchen but knowing Mike would be less than pleased, and rightfully so, I didn't.

So, redirection, I'm off to check out Menards' website, see what kind of solution I can come up with.  Mike would like to cap off the vent, so I'll look into that.

Seriously, I'm still shaking my head.


* The stem ware rack is an Amazon affiliate link.  Mwah, thanks!

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