The End is Nigh!

Monday, November 17, 2014

No no, don't panic!  You can't get rid of me that easy.

The end is nigh in that my days are numbered on Sirens season 2.  (And you can bet your bottom dollar, I will be reminding you to watch the new season airing in January.)  We wrap up shooting on Tuesday and Wednesday is my last day of work.

Which means......back to working on the house with all my copious spare time!

Well, it won't be too terribly spare as Finn is a pretty busy boy.  No surprise really as he's still a puppy at about a year and a half old and will be a puppy for another couple of years.  I'm hoping to take him for some classes like agility or nose work but we don't know yet how he feels about other dogs.  It's hard to tell what he means when we see them from a safe distance on our walks in beautiful Humboldt Park; his reaction can be read either as "hey, let's meet and play" or "hey, don't even think about coming over here."  So we're all still getting to know each other.  He has definitely come out of his shell and feels right at home, so that's good.

Finn at the park mid-yawn, still too skinny.
I, me, I'm still struggling.  So is Mike.  Don't get me wrong -- I like Finn and I'm glad he's with us.  I'm so struggling with missing Hailey and the loss of her.  I went from a healing sweet pea to swiftly and without warning losing her straight into working on the show and now I'm days away from being back at home full time, if you're catching my drift here.  Finn will help keep me buoyed which I feel bad about.  I do not want to cheat him out of anything.  But, I expect that there will be quite a few tear-driven days in my near future.

Hailey, napping in July.

So, the house.  Right.  My brain is all a-whirl with the upcoming projects I've got in various piles all about the house.  Seriously, pick a room, find a pile.  Heh, it's kind of hilarious in its truth actually.

The vanity has not made it indoors from the garage yet and as it's jamming up easy passage through there along with the chair for the library that is in need of underside repairs, I suspect that vanity and the concrete countertop will be at the very top of the priority list.  Not just because the annoyance of it being in the way, albeit a very good reason, but because I cannot wait any longer to install it.

Heh heh heh.

Sorry, I'm still cracking myself up about the realization of how not wrong I am about the piles of pre-project stuff in every room.

Heh, I'm a dork.

But, what I need to do first, which I'm battling with myself over, ideas in my head with little swords in their hands battling it out for top of the clearly take a nap!  Wow.  Anyway, after a nap, I will be getting organized, checking my old lists and assembling huge new lists.  That will clarify what needs to happen in what order.

Now is that time when my brain starts doing the sans-list avalanche.  It starts out slow....Thought:  the basement is a disaster zone.  Then it builds up to:  I'd like a workbench down there (oh, yeah, by the way Mike, a work bench in the basement, cool?) (I'm kind of liking an idea similar to this one that folds up).  Then it's full on open flood gates:  workbench is gateway that will allow me to work on fifty gazillion other projects that start popping off in my head like a fireworks finale.  Then I reel it all back in and restart:  the basement.  Sidetracks enter in often:  on top of the mess that is the basement,  all of Hailey's stuff is there.  Tricky with the emotional rollercoaster sidebar.  See?

Lists people, I'm tellin' ya, make lists.  Keep your sanity.  I will regather mine, don't fret.

Anyway, I've got a lot to figure out and plan and think about, as you can tell by my scatterbrained tired ramblings here.

In the mean time, I've been reading snippets on Abigail Ahern's blog.  She has quite well got it figured out.  Trying not to be crazy creepy stalker here but I think we share the same brain sometimes.  Yeah, ok, that's weird and mildly disturbing but, I like the way she thinks.  She's a rule breaker, an advocate for big and bold, doing what you love, and a paint pusher.

This was a cool article, how to "undecorate," over on the LA Times blog, in keeping with how I think about design and decorating and all that such business.  And this one got me all a-twitter as it's about how wallcoverings are back.  Good timing as I've got one in the pipeline, tease tease; I never did shake those wiggles off of wanting one after working on the Office Project.

Also been reading along a few other blogs I've got listed on the right side bar there.  Such as the Yellow Brick Home folks.  They are local to Chicago so it's fun to see what they are up to in their neck of the woods.

Sooooo, this is a head's up folks, fair warning, I'ma coming back at-cha.  Stay tuned!

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